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Senior Housing/Senior Care Needs Assessment
Need some help determining the senior housing or personal care option that's right for you? Start with this quiz. For each question, choose the answer that best applies to your situation.
1. Why are you considering a change of housing and/or personal care?
a. I need some help with the basic activities of daily living.
b. I don't want to live alone in a big, empty house anymore.
c. I'm suffering from Alzheimer's disease.
d. I'm anticipating my future health needs and want to live at a residence where I can age in place.
e. I'm healthy and looking to enjoy my retirement with other active seniors.
f. I need help with activities of daily living, but I don't want to leave my home.
2. What level of medical care do you need?
a. I can't live on my own safely, but I don't need a large amount of care.
b. None, though medication management would be helpful.
c. High -- I need specialized care 24/7.
d. I'm OK for now, but I know that could change with time.
e. None -- I'm fit as a fiddle.
f. It varies, but I'd like to have someone in my home to attend to my needs.
3. How would you describe your level of mental awareness?
a. I've been experiencing some confusion and disorientation.
b. My memory is fine, though I have occasional bouts of forgetfulness.
c. Impaired -- I'm unable to follow directions.
d. Fine for now, but who knows how long it will last?
e. As good as ever!
f. OK, but I need the comforts of home to keep me grounded.
4. When it comes to dressing and basic hygiene, you:
a. require assistance or reminders.
b. can dress and perform all activities without assistance.
c. are completely dependent on others.
d. might need assistance at some point down the road.
e. are as independent as it gets -- no signs of help needed here.
f. would like assistance in an environment that's comfortable and familiar.
5. In terms of nutrition, you:
a. require some assistance when eating.
b. are glad to have someone else handle it for you.
c. are totally dependent on others for nourishment.
d. look forward to the variety of foods you'll be experiencing in a new place.
e. are fully capable of preparing meals for yourself.
f. need someone to do the cooking, preferably in your own kitchen.
6. When you think about housekeeping, you:
a. could really use a hand.
b. are looking forward to someone else taking care of it.
c. know you can't handle it at all.
d. are grateful for assistance, especially as you get older.
e. think it's a piece of cake -- no help needed.
f. need someone else to be responsible for the upkeep of your current home.
7. How would you describe your need for socialization and recreation?
a. I want to participate in activities with the people I live with.
b. I want to maintain a private lifestyle, but still participate in group activities.
c. I'm not sure.
d. I'm looking for "hotel life," with fitness centers, restaurants, and more on site.
e. I'm looking for "summer camp life," with a wide spectrum of intellectual, social, and physical activities.
f. I don't need anything fancy, just someone to talk to.

Total Number of A's
Total Number of B's
Total Number of C's
Total Number of D's
Total Number of E's
Total Number of F's

If you answered mostly A's, assisted living may be the best option for you. Assisted living is basically independent living with personalized, 24-hour care to assist you with activities of daily living as needed. Assisted living has a comfortable vibe -- it's not an institutional setting.

If you answered mostly B's, independent living may be the way to go. Independent living is housing designed for independent seniors who prefer and are able to live in a fully equipped apartment within an active senior community environment. It's all about freedom in independent living.

If you answered mostly C's, Alzheimer's care may be your greatest need. Alzheimer's care refers to housing supervised by professionals trained to address and provide daily activity assistance to those with Alzheimer's disease or other dementia conditions. Alzheimer's care facilities can provide you with the best individual care, and help you live a functional life.

If you answered mostly D's, continuing care may be your best bet. A continuing care retirement community (CCRC) is a senior housing community that offers several levels of resources, including independent living, assisted living, and nursing home care, ensuring a continuum of care for individuals, all on one site. CCRCs are ideal for active, resourceful seniors who plan ahead and want to stay near their families.

If you answered mostly E's, retirement living may be the appropriate choice for you. Retirement living consists of communities geared toward seniors, offering amenity-filled, activity-rich options within a contained social neighborhood. Seniors with minimal health concerns who wish to purchase real estate near their peers should consider retirement living.

If you answered mostly F's, home care may be what you're seeking. Home care involves health and social services delivered directly to you in your home. With home care, you'll receive all the assistance you need, with no moving required.

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