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  10 Things That Are (Amazingly Enough) Younger Than John McCain
Many of the things you'd think have been around forever are actually no older than McCain. Whether it's because they weren't on the store shelves, hadn't been established, or weren't even completed, here are 10 surprising things that will always call John McCain their senior.

30 Tips for Improving Your Memory
We all have those moments when we can't find our car in a crowded parking lot or we frantically search for our keys as we rush out of the house. Memory problems plague everyone, but they are especially prevalent as we get older. Before you accept this as your reality, though, check out these stellar memory-improvement tips. Finding your keys just got a little easier!

When Plastic Surgery Attacks: Celebs Under the Knife One Too Many Times
Why do we even care about celebrities and their misadventures in plastic surgery? After all, it's their faces -- if they feel the need to set up the scaffolds and lay out the tarps for whatever vainglorious renovations they feel they need, it ought to remain their prerogative. Yet here we are waiting for the next reality show: "When Plastic Surgery Attacks..."

53 Things That Get Better With Age
Unless you're talking about red wine or aged cheese, getting older is usually fraught with negative implications. But before you get down about getting older, think about it -- there are lots of things that improve with age. Here are 53 of them. Read on, then gain a new perspective!

Old Men Who Can Still Kick Your Ass
For guys, the realization that someone can or cannot kick their ass is a powerful one. After all, a fairly significant portion of a man's self-respect is tied to his ability to (at best) kick the ass of other men or (at worst) travel through life without getting his ass kicked by someone else.

7 Entrepreneurial Senior Citizens Making Money Online
Some cyber-savvy seniors are cashing in on their Web prowess -- rendering their golden years truly golden.

Amazing Athletes Over the Age of 50
Let's face it: Everybody gets older, but some sure seem to get better with age. Among those aging amazingly -- professional athletes -- who always seem to stand out as the folks who defy the ticking clock.

8 Ways to Get Grandma and Grandpa Off the Sofa and Into Business
More and more "seniorpreneurs" are trading in "Golden Girls" marathons and Mahjongg tournaments for lucrative and rewarding business endeavors. Instead of strolling into the sunset of their careers, these retirees are using their time to cash in on being their own boss.

Age Hacking: 100 Ways to Live a Healthier, Happier, Longer Life
Though finding the fountain (or miracle product) of youth is unlikely, you can embrace the following 100 ways to feel and look younger. Get to it... Hack into the havoc that aging can wreak on your body!

Top 100 Senior Blogs & Web Sites
Today's retirees and seniors know how to stay on top of current events, meet people from around the world, and offer advice to folks who might otherwise not want to listen -- by blogging. Here is's pick of the top 100 senior blogs and retiree-ready destinations on the Web.

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