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  Forgetting Something? 6 Things Memory Loss Can Signify
It's normal for a loved one to become more forgetful as he or she ages. But how can a family member distinguish normal absent-mindedness from something more serious like Alzheimer's disease? Don't panic. Here are six other common but treatable causes of memory loss, any one of which could be the culprit.

The Power of Pet Therapy is Real
More and more people are recognizing the healing power of pet therapy, especially at senior living communities across the country.

The Youth Movement to Eradicate Alzheimer's Disease
With more than five million Americans currently battling Alzheimer's disease, it's good to know that the next generation is fighting back. Meet some amazing young people who are raising awareness and hoping for a cure.

Over 75 and Still Working: On-the-Job Seniors Defy Notions of "Old Age"
Although retirement age is usually considered to be 65 -- and in fact, statistics would mirror the notion -- many seniors are working well into their 60s and beyond. We found three inspiring individuals, all over the age of 75, who are still in the workplace, enjoying life and thriving.

Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and 10 More Loves That Should Have Endured Forever
How could two people so obviously perfect for each other ever split up? Here now, are 10 loves we truly think should have endured forever.

25 Reasons Why a Pet Helps You Stay Young at Heart
Whether they answer to Fido or Fluffy, pets aren't just companions; they become true members of our family. But unlike some relatives, our pets are natural stress-busters who help keep us young at heart by keeping us fully engaged in life.

Senior Citizens Gone Wild: YouTube Doesn't Lie…
Thanks to the somewhat vain democracy of YouTube, a different vision of human aging is out there for all to see. Ditch those preconceived notions of senior citizens with drooping derrieres in antique rockers, staring at the wall like contemplative Buddhas all wrapped up in crocheted blankets. See for yourself…

Top Senior & Boomer Blogs & Sites on Twitter, a.k.a @Seniors4Living, tackles the Twitter network to uncover some of our favorite senior and boomer bloggers on the Web today...

16 Movies That Celebrate Lives Well Lived
When it comes to movies with a little more spring in their step than the rest, you can't go wrong by choosing one that incorporates a few grey hairs and well-earned experience. Here are some of the best.

10 Financial Lessons Your Grandparents Can Dust Off From The Last Depression
What possible understanding about the financial crisis could we gain from our grandparents? Quite a bit, it would seem...

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