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What You Should Know About Home Care

by Genevieve Blaber

The decision to allow someone into your home to care for you or your loved one is stressful enough without the added worries of unqualified or mediocre Home Care providers. Before you commit to a Home Care provider, ask the right questions. Here are 20 things you'll need to know or have....

1. Are you qualified?
Depending on the level of worker you hire, it is expected that they have proof of their training and certification. Check with state and federal laws about what is required.

2. How long have you worked in this field?
As with any job, it's important to hire someone with experience in the field.

3. May I call references?
Whether independent or with a company, the home care worker should be able to produce reviews of his/her performance.

4. Do you have liability insurance?
While most senior care workers must carry liability insurance, homemakers and companions are under no obligation to.

5. What services will you provide?
Ensure that the worker is qualified, prepared, and aware of what services they will be providing.

6. When will services be administered?
Make sure that you and your loved one(s) are aware of any and all decisions made about the scheduling of services.

7. Solidify the services.
Request that the services are written down, with a copy given to you and your family.

8. Do you have transportation?
In some cases, it may be necessary for home care workers to provide seniors with transportation-whether it's for driving to doctor's appointments, taking care of chores, or in case of an emergency.

9. Who will pay taxes?
If the home care service provider does not, you may end up paying for a number of income withholding, unemployment, and household employment taxes.

10. Ink out the insurance.
Request a document describing the senior care provider's fees and what they expect insurance to pay.

11. How can we reach you?
Depending on the services provided, you may be entitled to reach your provider 24-hours a day.

12. What is your availability?
With independent home care workers, it's important to know if you will be able to reach them in case of emergency.

13. How are issues resolved?
In dealing with a company, request information detailing how service complaints are handled.

14. Are you companionable?
Besides administering to seniors' needs, home care workers should be personable.

15. Are you patient?
Seniors may require more time in communicating their needs and carrying out tasks.

16. What do you enjoy about your work?
To hire the right kind of employee, you'll need to know that they genuinely enjoy their work with senior citizens.

17. How many caretakers will be at our service?
Ask a company if a regular home care worker will be assigned you.

18. How will I be notified of absences?
What is the company's/worker's plans, should they have to miss a day?

19. How many other patients are you responsible for?
Ask how many other patients your worker will be assigned to. Too many, and they may be stretched thin.

20. Are you CPR-certified?
No matter what their level of training, this is must-have knowledge.

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