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Top Senior & Boomer Blogs & Sites on Twitter

by Michelle Seitzer, a.k.a @Seniors4Living, tackles the Twitter network to uncover some of our favorite senior and boomer blogs on the Web today… and there are certainly many more to be discovered! From caregiving resources and retirement think tanks to boomer business advice and caregiver journals, this list is about as diverse as the boomers and seniors living life to the fullest!



We've all heard of the Nanny Diaries. Well, in the G-Ma Diaries blog, Renae shares "the good, the bad and the ugly" about caring for her grandmother with Alzheimer's disease.



Resources for adult children caring for aging parents abound. Here, Annette Gonzalez shares her experiences with those boomers who have already lost both parents.



A one-stop shop for goods and services that help seniors age in place successfully.



This self-defined informal think tank's M.O. is to explore the influence of the "age revolution" in today's world and invites people from all walks of life to join the conversation.



Aging Suite is another great hub for aging in place information.



For information on all things senior living, look no further than The Assisted Living Federation of America's blog. ALFA boasts 500+ large and small company members across the country with the goal of "raising the bar for operational excellence" in the Assisted Living communities they serve.



Here's a fascinating site for research junkies: the University of Indianapolis has a Center for Aging & Community that "collaborates, educates & conducts research to enhance the quality of life for all people as they age."



Need to know something -- anything -- about Alzheimer's? Stop by the reading room; it's a leading site for news, advice, and insight into this dreaded disease.



Alzheimer's isn't the only disease plaguing boomers and seniors. Check in with Manny Hernandez and connect with the diabetes community for resources and support.



Baby boomer women can't miss this one: Dotsie Bregel's blog empowers what she calls the "healthiest, wealthiest and best-educated generation of women to ever hit mid-life."



Create an autobiographical legacy site for your children and your children's children to enjoy for years to come.



Brian Geyser, founder of carenetworks, is determined to help senior care providers see the wonders of social media and integrate them accordingly.



This online community invites boomers and their families to express themselves… and get the scoop regarding jobs after 40, family, food & wine, finance, travel, and more.



There's no time like the present for boomers (and seniors) to achieve wellness and vitality. Mary Louise English at Boomer Health shows you how.



Founded by a former family caregiver, Carol Marak's Carebuzz connects friends and families to elder care resources in their neck of the woods.



Kudos to Denise Brown for a fabulously comprehensive site for caregivers, including online support groups for people from every walk of life.



Moving, downsizing, and estate sales are the specialty here" and resources on making the big transition.



For a great place to share your story of providing care -- or being cared for -- check in with Maggie, a community manager at "For All the Ways You Care" (sponsored by CVS Pharmacy).



Dale Carter knows the road that many adult children must take while caring for aging parents is a rough one; check her blog for ways to lighten the load.



Baby Boomer Davy's Locker is the wildly creative name of this blog for those 50 and up. Take a look inside and see what the hype is about!



Travel the globe vicariously through Donna Hull's blog -- it's the self-proclaimed "Baby Boomer's Guide to Travel" and definitely has us wanting to get up and go!



Shelley Webb's experiences as a writer, RN and caregiver for her father empower readers with empathy, education, encouragement, and enrichment.



With a name like Geezer Guides, how can you resist surfing to this site for information on travel, retirement income, and nostalgia?



The results-oriented John Reddish shares his talents as a Business Consultant, Succession Planner, Speaker, Coach/Mentor and Author with baby boomers who visit his site and seek out his services.



Consider GeroHelper (aka Melanie Saulnier) as your go-to-gal for all things gerontology.



Of note at Gilbert Guide is a blog called the Daily Wrinkle, which helps visitors stay up to date on products or services to aid and abet that crazy little thing we call aging.



The senior hip-hop dance team for the New Jersey Nets has made a movie and is taking the social media network by storm. Check them out!



Smart homes for smart seniors, boasts Grandcare's Twitter bio. This cutting edge technology equips seniors in need of help with aging in place.



Journalists, Web developers, and broadcasters have joined forces to create this inimitable intergenerational social network.



An international organization based in the UK, HelpAge's mission is crucial: fight age discrimination, help elders overcome poverty, and ensure their rights to live the dignified life they deserve.



Make sure you have a box of tissues handy for this site: a granddaughter shares the difficult journey of caring for her grandmother who lived with Alzheimer's disease along with a multitude of links to Alzheimer's-related resources.



Get the facts on long-term care insurance and financing at this site.



Maggie Dana is a British author whose novel Beachcombing is a "coming-of-middle-age" story that explores boomer women issues like loss, sorrow, redemption, and love.

When it comes to providing timely news and insight about senior care, elder issues, and related topics, Mike is always on point. He's a dedicated Tweeter, with a Facebook page as equally engaging.

Maryan is a writer with numerous credits to her name, but it is her Women Day By Day blog that is the focal point of her Twitter account. There, she and some amazing guest bloggers share inspirational and realistic stories and advice about aging gracefully, triumph, and seeing beauty in the every day.



McKnights is an extremely comprehensive location for the latest long-term care news.



It's all about communication -- whether you're Twittering or trying to take away dad's keys. Mr. Elder Care is a financial planning expert specializing in "bridging the communication gap between boomers and their parents."

Natalie's picture books for elders is such a unique concept and you can instantly sense Natalie's commitment to showing others how to make the most of the golden age is commendable (and makes for some informative and interesting tweets!).



Albert Motz's site will equip seniors and boomers with all the tools needed to foster an active, healthy, positive lifestyle " get moving!



The forums at provide a valuable place for you to seek out answers to your senior care-related concerns and learn from the experiences of others. Thanks to DC-based John McKinley for this free and unbiased tool.

For an informed perspective on caregiving and senior care issues, Patty Grace delivers. Her Aging With Grace site empowers caregivers to handle the challenges that arise in a sensitive manner with an abundance of engaging resources.



Paula Robinson, RN and owner of Sanitasole Senior Services, offers expert advice on senior health issues and her wide array of service options.



Exercise your brain every day with the tools at Posit Science.



Megan Shea was inspired to start RetireLife after her involvement with caring for her grandparents. Get access to a variety of resources, advice, and help at her site.



If you're a card-carrying member of the Sandwich Generation (caring for aging parents and young children or grandchildren), Kaye Swain's SandwichINK is a great destination for news, resources, ideas, and encouragement for the journey.



Making the decision to move a loved one to a care facility is a big deal. This site provides ratings and reviews for facilities in your area.



Canadians care, too! Steve Joyce, CEO of Eldercare ABC, invites caregivers to join the online community and support one along the way.

45_StoryofMyLife.JPG @StoryofMyLife

Here's a site someone like me could spend hours on: Story of My Life features the story of one fascinating person per day and has the grand goal of collecting and preserving the life story of anyone and everyone who has walked this earth.



This baby boomer entrepreneur advises readers on the basics of planning, starting, and growing your business… and living a full life in the meantime.

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You missed I Don't Feel 50, which has been fighting Age Discrimination and the Generational Digital Divide in the UK for over 12 years. It's also a very lively forum. Follow I Don't Feel 50 on Twitter.
by graham submitted on Oct 20, 2009

Carebuzz is delighted to share in the buzz on Top Elder Care sites! You are the best, Seniors for Living! Thank you very much. We love your selected list...many are on the Carebuzz favorites too! Our best, Carol Marak,
by Carol Marak submitted on Oct 26, 2009

Thanks for including Posit Science! In addition to the link above, we also have a blog at We look forward to getting to know everyone on the list.
by Karen Merzenich submitted on Dec 7, 2009

Great list! Rick Grimes, CEO of Assisted Living Federation of America can also be found on Twitter:
by Jaclyn Allmon submitted on Dec 8, 2009

Thanks for this great list! I didn't know about some of these sites before so now I'm following some great people & subscribing to some great blogs. I also want to let you know about my blog, As an interior design who specializes in adapting homes for seniors, I want to make a difference in aging in place for those who want to live independently in their own homes.
by Joyce Joneschiet (Jona-shite) submitted on Jan 18, 2010

Rick Grimes CEO of Assisted Living Federation of America.
by Jaclyn Allmon submitted on Mar 11, 2010

Take a look at my blog,
by Boyd Lemon submitted on Oct 12, 2010

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