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Top 10 Most Divorced Celebrities

by Marianne Thomas

When you live in the shadow of the Hollywood sign, the words “I do” seem to mean “I do … for now.” These 10 celebrities share more than just fame; they've each been divorced at least four times. After so many failed marriages, we wonder if they hear Wagner's Wedding March in their dreams; we're betting that they each have enough wedding china, crystal, and silver to set all of the tables in a Continuing Care facility!

These celebrities prove that hope springs eternal in affairs of the Hollywood heart; between them they share a whopping 56 divorces. Take a look at the top 10 celebs who prove that love and marriage may not go hand in hand forever.

Here's a rundown of their nuptial numbers:

10. Liza Minelli
This Academy Award-winning actress and singer has been divorced four times, most recently from David Gest in 2003. While marriage has certainly been no cabaret for her, we do love how she belts out New York, New York. We wonder if she'll take a page from her mother Judy Garland's book and keep looking for love somewhere over the rainbow -- hey, if she can find it there, she might just find it anywhere!

9. Joan Collins
This four-time divorced British-born actress has walked down the aisle five times. We think she must enjoy playing the leading lady on all of her wedding days, or that perhaps she misses starring in "Dynasty" and is making up for it with her real-life soap opera. Whatever the reason, it finally worked; she's been married to her current husband, Percy Gibson, since 2002.

8. Martin Scorsese
The famous director has chalked up four divorces over the years. He knows the ins and outs of the marriage license bureau like a taxi driver knows the fastest route to the airport. His divorce attorney has certainly seen the color of his money over the years. But Scorsese isn't rolling the dice in the casino of love anymore; he's been married to Helen Morris since 1999. Cut! This one's a wrap!

7. Billy Bob Thornton
This actor was once married to half of the famous duo known as Brangelina. His marriage to Angelina Jolie was his fifth, and it ended the same as the four before it -- in divorce -- in 2003. With five divorces under his belt, we hope Billy Bob will remember that red roses, not red blood, make a great anniversary gift.

6. Danielle Steel
The superstar novelist who specializes in modern romance novels has been married and divorced five times. We wonder if she's looking for new story material or if she's just trying to find her very own version of happily ever after. If she ever says “I do” again, we hope he's the one who allows her to finally ride off into the sunset, writing "The End."

5. Larry King
The late-night talk show host who knows how to ask the tough questions has popped the big question seven times. With six divorces to his name, we wonder what might happen if all his ex-wives called in to his show at the same time. "Caller from California! What's your question? Yes, I did send the alimony check to you. Caller from New York! Yours is coming, too. Time for a commercial break!"

4. Jerry Lee Lewis. This rockabilly star has seen more than his share of shaking going on when it comes to marriage. While his walk down the aisle with his bubble gum-popping 13-year-old first cousin is the most notable in its shock value, the piano-rocking singer has been divorced six times. Goodness gracious, great bills from court!

3. Elizabeth Taylor. The actress with the violet eyes won two Academy Awards in her career and almost four times as many husbands. Two of her seven divorces were from the late Richard Burton after their initial love affair on-screen (and on-set) as Cleopatra and Mark Antony.

2. Zsa Zsa Gabor. Oh dahlink, our favorite Hungarian-born actress and diva has been divorced seven times! After her infamous traffic stop where she slapped a Beverly Hills cop who pulled her over for a moving violation, we think her current husband Frederic Prinz von Anhalt learned quickly not to be a backseat driver. Dahlink, I know what a yellow light means!

1. Lana Turner. With seven husbands, eight marriages, and eight divorces, the famous screen siren kept the tabloids hopping to keep up with her latest nuptials, and sits at number one on our list as the most divorced celebrity. She married and divorced Joseph Stephen Crane twice, proving that sometimes love, like the postman, does ring twice ... until it's time to get divorced again, of course!

Marianne Thomas is a freelance writer who spends her days drinking too much coffee and dreaming of writing while carting her three kids around town. Find her online at

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We need to put Mickey Rooney near the top. He's been divorced at least seven times.
by Jim Hickman submitted on Sep 28, 2011

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