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Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins and 10 More Loves That Should Have Endured Forever

by Jarrod Thalheimer

The news hit like a ton of bricks. After 23 years of everything-but-the-vows marriage, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins have split for good. Celebrity love can seem pretty hazy at times, but some couples just make such perfect sense that when they fail, we are left confused and depressed at the result. How could two people so obviously perfect for each other ever split up? Sadly, this ain't the first time.... so with sincere regrets to both Tim and Susan, here now are 10 more loves we truly wish could have endured forever.

Sonny and Cher
He was the funny little Svengali with the “aw, shucks” demeanor and slightly booby smile while she was the sharply exotic muse he made a star. Watching them sing “I Got You Babe” made it easy to imagine them together forever as they personified the notion that opposites so often attract. Even when they finally went their separate ways, it remained physically impossible to hear the name “Sonny” without mentally tacking on “and Cher.” When something fits as naturally as that, it's a full-out crime to tear it apart.

Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon
She fought with a long-haired Wookie named Chewbacca while he did similar with a shock-haired musician named Garfunkel. That they eventually married only made sense. The union of Paul Simon and Carrie Fisher was a near perfect mix of music and film that only served to highlight the undeniably adorable cuteness of the diminutive pair. To think that Princess Leia had found her hero in a tiny troubadour from Newark was far too right to ever be wrong, and hurt like heck when it became a bridge over troubled water.

Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel
He professed his love to her in “Uptown Girl” and showed everyone that the sunshine and beauty she personified could indeed be won by a normal Joe with an honest heart. Watching them dance together through our lives was bliss while it lasted, and disappointing when it ended. That the romantic Piano Man and the original CoverGirl couldn't make it last was a hard note to hear. Considering the marital issues Christie has had since, it makes you wonder what might have happened if the Uptown Girl had stayed closer to her Downtown Man.

Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin
Physical perfection plus powerful personality epitomized the union between these Hollywood high-fliers. That their obvious gifts were wrapped tightly around a pair of insanely volcanic tempers only made sense. Their professions of love were as explosively titanic as the combustible arguments they inevitably preceded. To see it all end in the train wreck of hateful venom that has existed ever since weirdly confirms how perfect the two of them together really were. If they had been able to make it work, we'd all be saying “Brad and Angie who?”

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore
Standing atop the pinnacle of 80s kitsch (he with Moonlighting and she, Brat Packer extraordinaire), their union was assured. As they traversed Hollywood, hiply monikered brood in tow, they lived the life of celebrity in a way that defied the odds. Bruce was cool and Demi was hot, with both seeming level-headed enough to keep the temptations of tinsel town easily at bay. To watch as Willis parade around with women closer to his daughter's age than his own, while Demi shares wedding anniversaries with Kelso from “That 70s Show” is not only disconcerting, but slightly tragic, too.

Farrah Fawcett & Lee Majors
She was Charlie's hottest Angel and he was the Six Million Dollar Man so when you go casting for participants in a TV perfect marriage there could no better match. Arm in arm, they were a testament to prime time glamour as their personal union was a veritable ratings bonanza. To have the stars of two of the biggest shows on TV sharing a life together seemed too good to be true, as it apparently was in the end. Everyone knew Col. Steve Austin belonged with an Angel. Too bad real life played out a different script.

Ted Turner & Jane Fonda
The industrial sized ego routinely on display via the Mouth from the South more than met its match the day “Hanoi Jane” Fonda entered the picture. This powerful pair were certainly accustomed to speaking their minds at all costs, hence why the fact that these two could ever separate still boggles the mind. If anything, the proximity these two noisemakers originally shared somehow muted the insanity on display when each was left alone, meaning together they worked, while apart they appeared more than a little loopy.

Liza Minelli & David Gest
For whatever reason, there is something inherently tragic about Liza Minelli. Whether it's the difficult childhood she endured or her current role as a slightly confused faded celebrity, the world finally seemed to tilt her way upon her marriage to David Gest. These two weird eggs were pitch-perfect together, whether it was their oddly similar visages to their agreeing to headline their own reality freak show. When the tales of abuse first surfaced claiming Liza as the aggressor, it made perfect sense. With news of how gloriously twisted the pairing actually was came to light, it made one wonder why it didn't last forever.

Donald & Ivana Trump
The over-the-top ambition and almost grotesque pomposity of Donald Trump knows no bounds, so to find a woman that could stand out in her own right is a modern miracle. Ivana Marie Zelníková Winklmayr, former Olympic athlete, fashion model and, in her mind, princess-in-waiting was alone in her ability to share the spotlight with a man completely incapable of ever leaving it. “The Donald” may claim he always gets what he wants, but the day those two broke up for good was the day The Trumps officially said goodbye to the one thing they actually needed -- each other.

Richard Burton and Liz Taylor
The definition of tempestuous would have to be Dick and Liz together. From the filming of Cleopatra forward, these two would fall in and out of love consistently, even marrying and divorcing each other twice. As the bona fide king and queen of the silver screen in their day, these two set the bar high for celebrity shenanigans. Through the multiple marriages and divorces each piled on as the years passed, they remained in thrall to each other, making one wonder why it came to be that they ever fell apart.

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