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Senior Citizens Gone Wild: YouTube Doesn't Lie…

by Jarrod Thalheimer

If you have a preconceived notion of senior citizens plopping their drooping derrieres into antique rockers, staring at the wall like contemplative Buddhas all wrapped up in crocheted blankets, think again. Thanks to the somewhat vain democracy of YouTube, a different vision of human aging is out there for all to see. When you take a look, it's easy to see that these wild and crazy seniors have a big problem with the concept of acting their age. We say “good for them!” See for yourself…

Urik's “Walk it Out” is the last thing you'd expect to see some 70-year old grandma getting her groove on to, but add in a public street, some flame-red hair, and a blue leisure suit to die for and you have funky with a capital “F.” You go, girl!

Thanks to Nintendo's Wii, the video game world was finally opened wide to the average septuagenarian. Watching the guy in this video crouched so low and focused so intensely as he twists and weaves like a two year old on a sugar high is proof positive that just because you get a senior discount at the mall doesn't mean the game is over by any means.

There are few images more specifically spiritual, and decidedly staid, than a gowned choir of dour grey hairs. The sweet tones to come are all but assured even as the conductor taps his finger in the air. To instead hear a straight-faced medley of hip-hop standards is not only surprising, but hard evidence that going counter-culture doesn't always require a nose-ring and tats.

Nothing is more cliche than to consider the entire state of Florida as one giant old folks' home. Still, to hear one granny offer up her very personal love letter to the glory of the sunshine state is both unexpected and weirdly compelling. Plus, you gotta' love Norman, her husband. Seriously, the dude rocks the house.

Stick a dude in a sweater and give him some freaky rhythms to jig on and all of a sudden he thinks he's Bill Cosby. What this man's deal is actually remains a mystery, but there's little doubt he knows how to throw down and put it on the line for a smokin' good time.

It takes little more than a pink feather boa and a recording studio to turn this member of the greatest generation into a somewhat “softer” version of Fergie. And while her cover version of “My Humps” may never make the charts, it more than let's us all know what she's got going on upstairs. Yowzaa!

Just because you can't understand what the heck they're saying is no reason to be hatin' on ‘em. Gram and Gramps mosh it up solo-style as they bang their heads to some insanely heavy metal. Are they off their meds or just wishing their hair was still long? Who cares? When it comes to making this video, they're off their rockers -- in a good way!

Whether the music was added in after the fact or not is hardly the point in this little senior citizen slice of life. Rocking, dancing it up, plus a little crazy breakin' prove that everyone involved has more than got it covered, and then some.

It's one thing to picture Rocky Balboa working out to the strains of “Eye of the Tiger,” but it's quite another to have the song as background for a whole gaggle of scooter-riding seniors racing for their lives. And you thought NASCAR drivers were focused!

Trying to understand some of the goofier things the kids get up to these days is hard enough, but when your grandma decides she's gonna' do some ghost riding, you best know just what she's talking about. So, without further adieu, please consider this video an education.

Waterskiing in itself doesn't seem all that crazy, but add in some frigid weather, a pair of Speedos, genuine ice, and a 71-year-old George Bush look-a-like and you've got something you're (perhaps thankfully) not likely to see every day.

They're buff. They're tough. And they're all over the age of 70. Think you're too old to stop the flab from flapping? Get real! These guys not only make it look easy, but I'm betting they could kick the Governator's butt something fierce.

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