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10 Part-Time Jobs For Fixed-Income Retirees Who've Been Crushed By the Stock Market

by Dawn Papandrea

If you're like most retirees or soon-to-be ones, you've taken a financial hit over the last year or so. You're not quite in dire straits (thankfully!), but you're definitely not living the comfortable retirement lifestyle you'd always imagined.

To complicate matters, things keep getting more expensive, while your income remains fixed. Something's got to give.

Being the happy retiree that you are, however, there's no way you're going back to work full time. Been there, done that! Luckily, there are lots of great part-time positions perfect for the formerly retired. Here are 10 worth looking into…

1. Consultant:

You put so many years into your industry that you can do the job with your eyes closed. Now you're ready to share all of those hard-earned lessons more efficient. After all, with age comes wisdom.

Work perk:
People will look to you as the expert. That means no kissing up to snotty little supervisors just out of college.

Find a job:
Tap into your old network. Many companies these days are cutting back on costly full-time staffers, but may bring in consultants to “clean things up,” or fill in the gaps.

2. Handyman:

Retirement has turned you into quite the fixer-upper around the house. Even your spouse is impressed! All of those home projects you've been working on now that you have time have made you quite handy. Why not advertise your abilities and let others know that you're available for minor home repairs?

Work perk: You set the rate and can work as much or as little as you want. Plus, you'll have an excuse to buy new tools!

Find a job: Good old-fashioned word of mouth, or even putting a small ad in a local flyer can garner some work.

3. Temp Worker:

The last thing you're looking to do is seek out a second career. Temporary problems call for a temporary solution, right? That's why many workers over 50 and find work through temp agencies.

Work perk: You're not trying to move up the corporate ladder, impress higher ups, or boost your resume. In other words, no long-term commitment means no pressure! You've certainly had enough of that.

Find a job: This one's easy since temp agencies do all the legwork for you. Find one in your area that offers positions you'd like to take on, and apply.

4. Nonprofits:

Now that you're retired, you finally have time to give back. Working for a nonprofit offers the chance to do just that, and can provide you with some pocket change, too. Don't expect to make a whole lot, but hopefully, the good you're doing will make up for it.

Work perk: You know how you toiled away at other jobs throughout your life, wondering if what you did made a difference? Here, you'll know the answer.

Find a job: You can try the big picture approach by looking into openings at major charitable or nonprofit organizations like the Red Cross, or you can think more granular and check out local shelters, museums, or environmental groups.

5. Childcare:

Do you really miss being around your grandchildren since they don't visit as often as you'd like? Childcare could be a way to fill the void, earn money, and keep you young at heart!

Work perk: You're retired, sure, but you're not quite ready to hang out with those folks people at the bingo hall just yet. Plus, chasing after kids is great exercise!

Find a job: Be a nosy body. Do you know of friends, family, neighbors, or social community members who are always complaining they can't find a good sitter? Let them know that your free time is their free time.

6. Retail Clerk or Greeter:

One way to earn some extra money is to see if your favorite stores are hiring. Working retail is a great way to meet people, get yourself out of the house for five- to six-hour shifts, and keep your social butterfly skills sharp.

Work perk: Some retailers now offer part-time workers benefits including healthcare, 401(k), and paid vacation. Better yet, you'll get great employee discounts, so if it's a store you frequent a lot, you'll save big! Starbucks, IKEA, and Circuit City are among those known for their part-timer generosity.

Find a job: Just ask the next time you're out shopping. Or, surf the corporate sites of stores you're interested in, and look for information about job openings.

7. Paid companions:

Sometimes as people get into their senior years, they may be in good physical and mental health, but could use a little help around the house. More important, they could use some company -- a paid companion to go shopping with, accompany them on walks, or just chat about the news of the day.

Work perk: There goes that “feel-good” factor again. You may even strike up a friendship, and gain some insight and survival tips for your future golden years.

Find a job: Whether you want to work for a senior housing or senior care organization, or you know of a family who is in need of a companion for their elderly loved one, you won't have to look too long to find out that the need is there.

8. Mystery shopper:

Admit it… you just can't get enough of the mall now that you can go there while most of the community is at work. No lines, and first crack at the sales! So why not get paid for your excursions? Mystery shopping allows you to “act” like a shopper to test and evaluate the customer experience. Major companies hire mystery shopping services so they can see how their competitors are running their businesses, as well as check up on the service offered by their own store employees.

Work perk: Did we mention that you get to shop for a living? Just don't be too tempted to spend all of your earnings when you hit the aisles.

Find a job: Look into opportunities via the Mystery Shopping Provider's Association, or through reputable services like Best Mark.

9. Seasonal work:

If you're looking for a job, you might not necessarily have to pound the pavement too hard if your timing is right. Seek out seasonal work during summer and holiday times, when employers need to bulk up their staffs.

Work perk: You're fulfilling a temporary need, but oftentimes, seasonal work might lead to continued part-time employment.

Find a job: If it's summertime, large organizations may need floating employees with good clerical skills to fill in for vacationing full timers. End of year holidays always have department stores clamoring for extra hands at the registers or on the floors.

10. Census Worker:

Every 10 years, the United States government conducts a major census. And every 10 years, it employs thousands of people in regional offices and as census takers. Guess what? As luck would have it, the next major census is happening in 2010, and hiring will be taking place soon.

Work perk:
You'll be a part of an important government initiative and get to meet lots of people.

Find a job: Find out about regional census job opportunities if you live in one of the 12 cities in which they're found. Census taker jobs will be available throughout the country, however. Learn more at the U.S. Census Bureau website

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Hi. Great tips! I used to work for the school district as a substitute clerk. Many school districts at that time hired all ages, including retired workers, as subs for both teaching and clerical work. I really enjoyed the work and the flexibility of scheduling. :)
by Kaye Swain submitted on Oct 29, 2009

I am looking for a job, like #7-paid companions, or as a CNA.
by Alicia Vega submitted on Jan 25, 2010

Alicia, There is such a great demand for certified companions and CNAs. In what area of the country are you? I'd advise you check online job sites by town and see what agencies near you are seeking in terms of credentials, and use that as a starting point. Good luck!
by Gina LaGuardia submitted on Jan 25, 2010

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