Young Caregivers Becoming the Norm

I'm a brand new parent (only two and a half months in), and I can already see how quickly caregiver burnout creeps in.
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Seniors Getting Digital (and Loving It)

“Did I get him? Did I get him?” That’s what an 84-year-old grandfather keeps asking his grandson during an intense round of Halo, the wildly popular video game that steals many a young person’s non-working, non-sleeping hours. This ...

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My Retirement Dream

You’re never too young (or old) to start thinking about your retirement, and I don’t mean the money part of it. Not to say that isn’t important, but there are plenty of articles, resources, and information about ...

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Supporting the New Generation of Youth Caregivers

Teenagers. College students. Sixth graders. These probably aren’t the people who come to mind when you hear the word ‘caregiver,’ but there are upwards of 1.4 million young adults (between the ages of 10 and 20) currently providing care for an aging ...

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Aegis Living CEO Wants Young People to Work in Senior Living

Last week, Dwayne J. Clark touted the merits of a job in the senior living industry in his Huffington Post Business blog post: “The Senior Living Industry in Looking for a Few Good Young People.”

Clark, the founder and CEO ...

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Young and Old Learn Together in “Life Swap” Experiment

Now and then, I’d tune in to an episode of “Wife Swap,” just for fun (or if there was nothing else on TV). In typical reality show fashion, things were definitely over-dramatized, and I could tell that the editing ...

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Fostering Intergenerational Relationships in Assisted Living

Pet therapy is wonderful, but animals are not everyone’s best friend. Babies, toddlers, kids and teens? That’s another kind of wonderful therapy for seniors in assisted living.

Relationships between the old and young are incredibly special and mutually ...

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ALFA’s Short Film Contest Winner, “Mind the Gap,” Teaches Valuable Lessons

Take four minutes to watch this short film (which won first place in the Assisted Living Federation of America’s International Short Film contest) about the generation gap:

The piece was created by Jon Byron, a 26-year old film student seeking to pay tribute to his relationship with his grandfather, and I am so glad he did it.

I stumbled upon Byron’s film via a blog post by Rick ...

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Love Where You Are, No Matter What Your Age

Maybe it's the space of more years from then until now - now that I'm 31 that lends itself to greater moments of nostalgia, but I certainly find myself reflecting more, reminiscing more, remembering those glimpses of younger years that come back when triggered by a song, photo, scent, or even just seeing a product in the grocery store (i.e. "My sisters and I used to eat those all the ...

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