CCRCs Are Dedicated to Wellness

When you’re searching for the best place for you or your loved one to grow old, you’re looking for more than food and shelter – you want a place where you can thrive for the rest of your days.
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Why Meals Matter in Assisted Living

The fact is, you need more than an apple a day to keep the doctor away, but wellness is closely tied to what we eat. The old saying is more about making wise choices for good health and nutrition (i....

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ALFA to Promote PBS Documentary on Senior Athletes

The Assisted Living Federation of America has partnered with PBS to promote “Age of Champions”, a new documentary whose three-minute trailer is rather inspiring all on its own. Check out these senior athletes (including a 100-year-old tennis player who talks ...

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Transition to Assisted Living: More Pros than Cons?

Independence is a major tenet of successful living in American society.

Few individuals, if any, want to be dependent on others for meeting basic daily needs, or even complex ones. While we may be happy to go on vacation and ...

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Progressive Activity Programs Enhance Assisted Living Experience

Ditch the perception of seniors playing Bingo all afternoon in assisted living.

Bingo may still be a popular activity in some circles, but today’s assisted living homes have moved beyond the basics, weaving in activities that are progressive, exciting, ...

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Wish of a Lifetime Partners with Brookdale for Grand Canyon Trip

Margaret Samples, 89, just got back from the trip of a lifetime: a five-day adventure in and around the Grand Canyon.

A resident of Brookdale’s Chambrel Club Hill assisted living community in Garland, Texas, Samples had traveled the world over ...

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Q&A: Independent Living Housing, Services & Programs

Choosing to reside in an independent living community means more than just having your own parking space and the freedom to come and go as you please. Learn more with this Q&A overview.

Q: What types of housing ...

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Active Seniors at Retirement Communities Choose Healthy Lifestyles

Sandy and Bette Baldwin live in a continuing care retirement community in Boca Raton, Florida, and they hope their commitment to a healthy lifestyle will keep them there, where they can enjoy their independence without needing skilled care services in a nursing home.

Featured in a recent USA Today “Your Life” article, this energetic couple shared their daily routine with reporter Janice Lloyd: “The Baldwins set an alarm, get out ...

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Changes in Assisted Living Legislation & Regulation to Ensure Quality Care

Since assisted living is still a fairly new category of care, many states still regulate assisted living communities under other licensure classifications. But, as the assisted living industry continues to experience dramatic growth - given the ever-increasing demand - more states are moving towards specific regulations and licensing requirements for this care option.

Even if they are not administered as frequently as they may be in a skilled care facility, ...

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Top 100 Senior & Boomer Blogs & Websites

Google returns 1,330,000 results when you type in “blogs about seniors” and 3,890,000 for “websites about seniors.” Of course, not all of these results are legitimate, useful, or applicable destinations for those seeking issues of interest about seniors, but even if half ...

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