Choosing Senior Living the Right Way

Closing your eyes and pointing at brochures spread across the table or search results displayed on a computer screen is most certainly not the right way to choose senior living. However, if you’ve never made this kind of decision ...

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Do Doctors Make House Calls in Senior Living?

Dr. Steven Fuller is making house senior living communities. The Idaho-based doctor heads up House Calls, a physician-owned, physician-directed company that provides in-home healthcare coordination for area seniors in assisted living and retirement communities.

This is not a ...

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How to Visit in Assisted Living (and Enjoy Yourself)

Feeling guilty about Mom being in assisted living? Hate seeing Dad in the assisted living apartment instead of his home, where you know he wants to be? Angry at your siblings for pushing a move when you know your parents ...

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Choosing the Best Independent Living Location

Have you ever considered what your personality has to do with making a decision about senior living?

Of course cost is important, and so is location. However, when considering a move to independent living, it’s essential to visit a ...

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10 Things to Do During An Assisted Living Visit

Sometimes, guilt or sadness about a move to assisted living keeps family members and friends from visiting. Sometimes, it may just be an uncertainty about what to do after you arrive, a fear of sitting in silence in your loved ...

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Family in Alzheimer’s Care? Visit Regularly

“But she won’t remember I was there. She doesn’t recognize me, and it makes me sad. She won’t remember that I called, won’t know my name on a birthday card.” These are among the reasons that ...

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Fourth of July Visiting Ideas for Assisted Living

If you’re planning to stop by and visit a friend or family member in assisted living today, consider these ideas for a fantastic Fourth of July visit:

Bring pictures from 4th of July celebrations of the past; reminisce about ...

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After Father’s Day, Dealing with Concerns About Dad

What are usually joyous celebrations of the special people in our lives -- Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries -- can easily become troubling touchstones when a senior loved one’s health is not what it used to ...

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Virtual Tours of Assisted Living: Why In Person Is Still Best

Choosing a hotel sight unseen is always a risk. Thanks to virtual tours, online photo galleries, and guest reviews, there are fewer surprises before you arrive. But these tools are not perfect: guest reviews may be biased and pictures can ...

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Preparing for a Holiday Visit in Assisted Living

If it’s the first year that a senior loved one is in assisted living (or other senior care setting) for the holidays, be prepared for a potentially emotional experience.

Whatever the reason for the move, you and your loved ...

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