Dementia Is Not a Death Sentence

“I have dementia. I also have a life,” says Peter Dunlop in a short YouTube video from the Alzheimer’s Society.

His message couldn’t be clearer, and it’s a necessary wake-up call for the many of us who ...

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Seniors From Virginia Retirement Community “Do the Monster Mash”

Says a recent Erickson Living press release, the participating residents of Greenspring retirement community had a great time producing a lip dub of the 1962 Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett classic, “Monster Mash.”

Ernie Sult, the resident who played the lead as the ...

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Facing a Senior Living Move? Help from Emeritus Senior Living

Choosing a new place is tough enough, but when it comes to packing the boxes, hosting yard sales, and perhaps eventually staking a “FOR SALE” sign in the front yard, the reality of a senior living move truly sets in. ...

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Music Making a Difference in Senior Living

“Music can do things which language can’t.” - Dr. Oliver Sacks

This powerful statement is just one of many moving moments in the trailer from “Alive Inside,” a documentary profiling the power of music to help those in nursing ...

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“LipDub” Video from Midwest Senior Community Goes Viral

If you’re on Twitter or any social media network, you probably heard about/viewed/shared this smile-inducing video produced by – and starring – members of the Clark Retirement Community in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

Even the Canadian singer Michael Bublé, whose ...

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