How to Start an Oral History Project in Assisted Living

In this EldercareABC blog post, Sarah Jennings tells us why oral history projects are of value, both for seniors at home and in assisted living. Jennings, a caregiver who writes for Brookdale Senior Living and works on the Veterans History ...

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Retirement on the Line: An Interview with Author & Anthropologist Caitrin Lynch

[caption id="attachment_17820" align="alignright" width="199" caption="Vita Needle factory workers "][/caption]

We all love our weekends, but the senior workers at a Massachusetts factory love their work weeks even more.

That’s what cultural anthropologist Caitrin Lynch discovered after ...

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Global Aging Report Highlights Challenges and Things Worth Celebrating

HelpAge International, an organization headquartered in London and committed to serving elders around the world, recently collaborated with the United Nations Population Fund to release Ageing in the Twenty-First Century: A Celebration and A Challenge. The comprehensive report includes the ...

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Pet Therapy: A Valuable Program in Senior Living Communities

If you’ve ever loved a pet, you know how mutually beneficial the relationship can be. And what could be better than a faithful companion who greets you with the same eager enthusiasm whether you’ve been gone for 5 days ...

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New Study on Stuff and Love Teaches an Important Lesson

How much do you love your stuff? Do you have panic attacks when treasured items go missing? Feel uneasy when corners aren’t cluttered enough? Get angry if your spouse/partner moves your things without asking?

Ok, I admit that there are a few items that I would be devastated to lose – like my wedding ring, laptop (a writer’s entire life!) or photos of my family. But you know ...

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Prepping Your Home for Sale: Q&A with Vincent Salvitti

If you’re thinking of downsizing to a smaller home, making a transition to an active adult community, or looking for some other type of housing (many boomers/seniors are leaving the suburbs and moving into condos/townhomes in cities nationwide), there are things you can do to ensure a quick and successful sale.

Consider the advice offered here by Vincent Salvitti, a ReSale manager with Traditions Realty. (Traditions Realty ...

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“All the Wrinkled Ladies” Encourages Women to Embrace Aging

I am still grinning after watching this YouTube video the other day:

According to the video's tagline, “Anita Renfroe feels that Beyonce may have left out a category of women who need some recognition and sends out this parody to women of a certain age who aren't afraid to shake it like a Polaroid pick-cha.”

I love it!

There have been great strides in recent years to reshape the view ...

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Give the Gift of Respite

Respite: every caregiver needs it, but very few actually take it. Whatever the obstacle - cost, availability, access, guilt, fear - too many people burn out because they don't take care of themselves in the process of caring for their loved one.

Knowing this, TLC HomeCare Services of Moorestown came up with a brilliant idea: "respite packaged as pampering." Gift cards are everywhere these days - for gas, groceries, airline ...

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Elderhostel: Not Your Average Bus Trip

Want to travel the world and learn more about it at the same time? Elderhostel is the way to go. It is something that I look forward to taking advantage of when I am "of age." Adults ages 55 and over become students in the global classroom when they travel with Elderhostel, a not-for-profit organization established in 1975 to provide retirees with "exceptional learning adventures."

There is something for everyone at Elderhostel: ...

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Valuing the Invaluable: Today’s Caregivers

There are many "unsung heroes" in today's world, and you could certainly agree that caregivers fit that bill. When a family member or loved one is in need, most caregivers take on that role willingly and would not trade it for any other job in the world, regardless of its extreme demands. While the types of caregiving vary based on the wide array of diseases, disabilities or special needs that ...

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