Romance and Relationships Blooming in Assisted Living

We write often about the difficult transition that a move to assisted living can be. But there are many success stories, and many instances where new friendships and romances flourish. Classmates are reunited after decades, and single elders find love (...

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Emeritus Senior Living Wants Your Worst Date Stories

You may not always remember your first date, but you probably remember your worst date, right?

Emeritus Senior Living wants to "celebrate Valentine’s Day with a little more humor and a little less cliché," so they're currently running this ...

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New Ways to Show Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is around the corner, and I imagine that boyfriends, partners and husbands everywhere are anxiously awaiting the end of those pesky jewelry and floral delivery ads bombarding them at every turn.

Commercialism aside, there is nothing wrong with ...

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