Caregivers, Are You Feeling the Effects of Holiday Stress?

It’s an exhausting time of year for many of us, particularly for caregivers in the sandwich generation (those caring for kids and seniors). In addition to the usual stress of caregiving tasks, there are the added responsibilities of holiday ...

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How Do Caregivers Get Summer Vacation?

In a few weeks, most kids will be out of school for the summer. Though the children will be celebrating their freedom, parents -- especially those who are also caring for elder relatives or aging parents -- may feel otherwise, ...

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Vacation for Caregivers? Short-Term Care Helps

Imagine if caregivers had a vacation bank in which they could accumulate days off and know they would have coverage while away? Though this may be a pipe dream (for now), that does not mean caregivers should not take time ...

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Short-Term and Respite Care Options Benefit Caregivers

With August fast approaching, many of us may feel we’re in the so-called “dog days” of summer – those days when the heat, humidity, and hectic pace of summer life saps us of energy and derails our drive.

For those ...

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Letting the Grandkids Plan Your Summer Vacation

It’s almost summer time, a phrase that evokes a range of emotions among people of all ages. For moms of young kids, it’s perhaps the best of times and the worst of times. For grandparents who live far ...

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Senior Living Options: Respite Care Q & A

Q: What is respite care?

A: Respite care is an important, though underutilized, resource for caregivers. Defined by as “a period of temporary delay” or “an interval of rest or relief”, respite provides the opportunity for caregivers to ...

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Boomers and Seniors: Time for a Vacation?

More seniors face a longer time in the workforce as dreams of retirement fade, people of all ages worry about pending unemployment, and many have already received that fateful pink slip - maybe not the best time to plan that trip to Hawaii or Hong Kong. And yet, the gloom and doom of the daily news, the water cooler gossip about who's next to go, and the ever-present "signs of ...

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Vacationing With Seniors

For many families, summer vacation is a multi-generational affair, and, careful planning may be in order to accommodate older family members so that everyone is safe and comfortable and able to enjoy themselves.

For those traveling with aging parents, here are a few tips that I have discovered along the way:
Consider going to a familiar city - When my mother was ill, but, still able to travel, I found ...

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