Senior Care Benefits for Veterans and Spouses

As we honor our country’s dedicated service men and women on Veterans Day tomorrow, we should also be mindful of the care needs faced by many of these individuals. While a sobering thought, there are some programs that can ...

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Veterans Pension Program

As you or your loved ones age, it's important to find out about benefits you may qualify for since some sources of assistance may be overlooked.

If there's a United States veteran in your life, be sure to look into ...

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Veteran’s Aid & Attendance Benefit: An Interview with Expert Rita Files

Did you know there is a benefit for low/no-income veterans and their surviving spouses that can help supplement costly non-reimbursed monthly medical expenses?

Rita Files knows the Veteran’s Aid & Attendance benefit (officially titled “The Non-Service Connected Disability Pension Benefit”) inside and out, and she is passionate about helping eligible seniors take advantage of it.

Since 2000, Rita has worked with hundreds of families to secure this benefit. She’...

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Veterans: Are You Eligible for Aid and Attendance Benefits?

Although my husband is only a reservist in the United States Coast Guard, we still take advantage of every perk, discount, or resource that serving in the military has to offer - and we constantly share those opportunities with anyone we know who might also be eligible.

Ted Gumley has created a successful business by sharing one valuable opportunity for senior veterans and their spouses: the Aid & Attendance program. I ...

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