The Difference Between a Nursing Home and Assisted Living

Nursing home versus assisted living: what’s the difference? The main distinction between the two are the qualifications of the staff and the types of care services they provide.

Let’s break down the three basic categories of senior care, ...

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Not All Assisted Living Homes Are Created Equal

Big, small, friendly, quiet, secluded, active: there a number of ways to describe an assisted living community, as there are many types available today.

Ultimately, a decision about care will come down to preference (for example, national chain vs. family-owned) ...

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How Assisted Living is Not Like a Nursing Home

An assisted living community and a nursing home are not the same. Most people know that much, but when it comes to knowing why they’re different, or even how they are similar, the answer is not as clear.

Even ...

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What Assisted Living Is Not

With thousands of assisted living communities throughout the United States and no uniform, universal definition of it (each state has its own set of regulations and licensing procedures), confusion about this care category abounds. As it is also one of ...

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Consumer Choice 101: Types of Assisted Living Communities

Though it may be unsettling to think of a place that provides personal care for seniors as a business, that is the reality of assisted living in today’s marketplace. There are pros and cons to this model, but ultimately, ...

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