Assisted Living Provider Responds to Controversial Program

If you didn’t hear about the recent PBS Frontline special that put Emeritus Senior Living in the hot seat (or, as some might even say, under the bus), you can read all about it in our post, Assisted Living ...

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Michael J. Fox, Age 52, Talks Parkinson’s and His New TV Show

As someone who invited the young Michael J. Fox into my living room in the 1980s – I was an avid “Family Ties” fan – I was surprised to see the actor on the cover of a recent AARP magazine. Yes, the ...

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“Old Henry”: A New Series About Aging

It’s not easy growing old in a society that values youth – even if you’re a famous actor. So says “The Waltons’” Ralph Waite, who is currently starring in “Old Henry,” an original short form limited series created and ...

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Can’t Stomach the News? Tune in to “Growing Bolder” Instead

For those who are still able to watch the news without having to change the channel out of sadness or disgust, I salute you. For the rest of us, the daily dose of real-life crime and horror stories can be ...

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Seniors Should Get Social — and Off the Couch

It’s especially difficult in the winter months, when the sun goes down by 5 p.m. and makes you feel certain your couch -- in front of the TV -- is the best place to be.

A recent ...

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Why Los Angeles Community Does Not Want Assisted Living

Residents living within the 90210 zip code -- made popular by the 90s era TV shows Melrose Place and Beverly Hills, 90210 -- don’t want to see any more assisted living communities in the vicinity.

It’s not because the Los ...

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10 Things to Do During An Assisted Living Visit

Sometimes, guilt or sadness about a move to assisted living keeps family members and friends from visiting. Sometimes, it may just be an uncertainty about what to do after you arrive, a fear of sitting in silence in your loved ...

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Sunset Daze: This is Not Your Grandfather’s Golden Years

Step aside, Golden Girls, and make room for the gals of Sunset Daze.

Golden Girls was a show ahead of its time in many ways, a groundbreaking series that pushed the envelope with its bold, brazen characters and is still appreciated today (I love you, Betty White!). But when Survivor kicked off the reality show craze a decade ago, spiraling into Super Nanny, America's Next Top Model, Extreme Home Makeover, ...

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