The Grandma Export: A New Trend in Senior Care

The US isn’t the only country experiencing a sharp rise in senior care costs (with a concurrent decrease in both public and private funding options). European countries, even those with more government aid available to seniors, are also witnessing ...

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Trend Watch: End of Life Care Shifts From Hospitals to Home Health

Hospitals are not the only place where the dying go, says a new CDC report. Research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicated an 8 percent decrease in the number of people dying in hospitals between 2000-2010. McKnight’...

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Trend Watch: Issues of Dignity in Senior Care

Progress in reforming the use of antipsychotic medications in nursing homes and other care communities for seniors. Changes to legislation governing important end of life decisions. Dignity violations and Medicare passes. These are current -- and noteworthy -- senior care ...

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School, or Senior Housing?

Creating a senior housing community out of a former school building: this has been a top trend in the industry throughout 2012. Renovation and retrofitting of landmark buildings that have stood vacant for years -- from schools, hotels, hospitals, churches and ...

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Boomer Actresses Hitting the Big Screen in a Big Way

I’m thrilled when a mature man or woman is carrying the lead role in movies, but it's probably because I've always had a special passion for elders. However, the recent trend towards more boomers and seniors commanding the screen ...

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Senior Housing Trend Watch: Meet the “Granny Pod”

MedCottages are making headlines again. Also known as the granny pod, the idea for this emerging senior housing option came from a Virginia pastor.

According to this Washington Post article that proposes granny pods “could change elder care,” Rev. Kenneth ...

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Boomers Want Better Cost of Living, Lower Taxes and “Room for the Grandkids”

I always said the area where I spent most of my childhood -- a quick drive from New York City in the well-known PA resort hot spot, the Poconos -- was a great place to “grow up and grow old.” ...

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Senior Care Trend Watch: Opportunity, Penalties and Profits

Home care is the next big thing. Nursing homes are fading from view, boosting the popularity and availability of assisted living and Alzheimer’s care options. Consumers are spending the most for care at the end of life. CMS goes ...

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Ditch the Cafeteria: In Senior Living, The Trend is “Bon Appetit”

Think resort, not mess hall. That’s what well-traveled, culturally engaged boomers are pushing for, says an article by Lee Simon in Foodservice Trends, a publication from the Tampa-based Innovative Foodservice Design Team.

Flex dining, ‘gourmet markets’ a la Starbucks ...

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A New Kind of Independent Living

A new trend is emerging in Minnesota senior housing: cooperative senior housing complexes. The residents of this unique independent living option are in control, according to this USA Today Money piece by Kristin Demery and Kirsti Marohn.

Realife Cooperative at ...

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