Home Care: How to Make It Work for Your Family

It seems like a simple thing: Dad wants to stay at home, so you bring in home care. Unfortunately, it’s not always a straightforward process. The cost can be a challenge, but what families also underestimate is the transition. ...

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Telling the Whole Truth Through a Senior Care Transition

White lies. Little fibs. In caregiving for a senior relative or your parents, you may have told a few.

The Ethics of Geriatric Fiblets, a recent article on the Moving Mavins blog, tackled the issue head-on, offering three common scenarios ...

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More Senior Living Communities Offer “Transition Services”

A retirement community may be the ideal destination for your golden years, but if you can’t sell your home, you’re stuck.

Many boomers and seniors find themselves in this predicament on account of the housing market slump and ...

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Continuing Care Retirement Communities Minimize Transitions

Continuing care retirement communities, or CCRCs, are an attractive option for those who want flexibility and security through their retirement years and beyond. These senior living complexes provide a full range of services and settings to accommodate the changes that ...

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Facing a Senior Living Move? Help from Emeritus Senior Living

Choosing a new place is tough enough, but when it comes to packing the boxes, hosting yard sales, and perhaps eventually staking a “FOR SALE” sign in the front yard, the reality of a senior living move truly sets in. ...

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Pets Welcome in More Senior Living Communities

If you have ever been a pet owner, you understand how easily the animal(s) become a part of your family. Why then would we expect seniors with pets to easily leave their precious companions behind when making a senior ...

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Choosing Senior Care: A Major Decision and Life Transition

It’s not like choosing a college, a new house, or where to go on vacation. Choosing senior care is a much bigger decision, and one that carries tremendous weight, especially for the individual who will be moving or receiving ...

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Is Home Care Right for You?

Caregivers everywhere are faced with a difficult decision when they come to a crossroad in the caregiving journey. Sometimes it is a medical emergency (a fall that leads to a fracture, a wandering incident in the case of Alzheimer's, or ...

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Tips for Adjusting After a Move to Senior Care

Moving into assisted living, independent living, or any other senior care setting is a major life transition that will likely take time to adjust to, even if it was a decision amicably reached. Bringing in home care also commences a ...

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Is It Time to Consider Senior Care?

How do you know when it’s the right time to make a senior care transition, either for yourself, or for a relative/friend?

It’s not an easy decision by any means – for anyone involved. Those on the outside ...

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