#ElderCareChat 11/7/12 Recap: Managing Holiday Stress

Martha Stewart makes the holidays look easy, but 1) that’s her job, and 2) everything looks easier on TV.

Truthfully, there isn’t much that’s easy about the holidays, especially if you’re a caregiver and have older relatives with ...

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10 Things to Do During An Assisted Living Visit

Sometimes, guilt or sadness about a move to assisted living keeps family members and friends from visiting. Sometimes, it may just be an uncertainty about what to do after you arrive, a fear of sitting in silence in your loved ...

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Easter and Other Religious Holidays in Assisted Living

This is an important week for people of all faiths, and for those who are in assisted living, there is good news: most communities furnish opportunities for residents to engage in their respective religious celebrations and traditions.

Though some residents ...

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Tracing Roots: My Summer Plans

On June 30th, I will embark on perhaps the greatest adventure of my life so far: I’m going to Norway. I’ve dreamed of visiting my grandparents’ homeland since I was a young girl, and it’s surreal to think that after all these years of dreaming, I will see that beautiful country very soon. I will see the place where Grandma and Grandpa grew up, where they lived ...

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Retirement Community Reports Leprechaun Sightings

Residents and staff at The Heritage of Green Hills in Reading, Pennsylvania, are wondering if their Happy Hour celebration on the eve of St. Patrick's Day will be enough to lure the little green man that has been lurking around their community out for a beer and a chat. So far, he's been spotted in a number of places around campus; accounts have been recorded in the video montage below:


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Must-See Movies about the Reality of Aging

I'm going to play Roger Ebert for a moment here: before the year's end, I highly recommend adding Gran Torino to your Netflix queue and visiting your local video store to rent or buy Up on November 10th. Both are unique, poignant stories woven with intense themes, meaningful symbolism and powerful lessons about the human spirit. Creative and well-told, the two films feature brilliant characters in their golden years - ...

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