#ElderCareChat 6/4/14 Recap: Ensuring the Physical Health of Those with Dementia

During Wednesday’s live discussion, 36 new and returning participants shared tips and insights about staying healthy through the difficult changes and stages of dementia.

We were pleased to have a guest tweeter join us to offer his expertise on the ...

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Check In With Senior Friends and Family This Winter

A recent observation was a reminder that we need to extra vigilant about the safety and comfort of seniors in treacherous winter weather. In line at the local dollar store, I watched a young cashier double bag a senior’s ...

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How to Find Rest When You’re Caring Around the Clock

Caring for another human being is a big deal.

No matter what the age, relationship or needs, caregiving is an often stressful, at times rewarding, many times frustrating, almost always exhausting experience. But if the person you’re caring for ...

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Bringing the Family to Assisted Living

After an assisted living move, there is no reason to stop communication with family or friends. Maybe there have been losses (of a spouse/partner or physical/ cognitive ability, for example) that prompted the move, but it’s important -- ...

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When Searching for Senior Care, Where to Spend and Where to Save

Truth: senior care is expensive, and you can’t rely on Medicare to pick up the bill (read more about paying for care).

When a family member takes on the responsibility of caring for an older adult, the cost is ...

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How to… Be the Best Grandparent Ever

Fact: Grandparents love spoiling their grandkids, and according to this SmartMoney article, to the tune of $10 billion dollars. They’re not just buying gifts and gadgets though. The MetLife Report on American Grandparents said they’re also providing for their ...

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How to… Age in Place, Simply: An Interview with Author Rachel Adelson

“Aging brings change, but that doesn’t mean it brings disability.”

This tenet runs throughout a new book called Staying Power: Age-Proof Your Home for Comfort, Safety and Style. Its author, Rachel Adelson, bases most of her age-in-place advice on ...

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How to… Find Your Perfect Retirement Place

The days of retirees flocking to Florida are over. Yes, many still head south to the Sunshine State for its warmer temps, but on the whole, boomers and seniors are exploring all their options -- both domestic and international -- ...

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How to… Delegate Elder Care Tasks

Raise your hand if you like asking for help. (I’m guessing that if I could see all of our readers right now, there’d be few or no hands raised.) For whatever reason, be it cultural, societal, or just ...

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Staying Safe At Home or In Assisted Living

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, many are wrestling with the feeling that it’s just not safe to go anywhere anymore...which makes today’s Twitter forum a timely one. At 1pm ET, a community of elder ...

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