Seniors Get Better Surgery Results with “Prehab”

Medical News Today reports on a fascinating new therapy that is safe for, and benefits, pre-surgical seniors: Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET), or “prehabilitation.”

The new UK-based study on CPET revealed very positive results for older patients who went through “prehab” ...

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The Best Therapy in Assisted Living

Pet therapy is wonderful. Intergenerational interactions -- from infants to young adults -- are therapeutic too. However, there may be residents in assisted living with allergies, or a fear of/aversion to animals. There may also be residents who don’...

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How Pet Therapy Makes a Difference for Seniors

Pet therapy programs have expanded all over the country, reaching people in all age groups and meeting a wider variety of health needs. Though seeing eye dogs are still an option, now there are therapy llamas for hospice patients, monkeys ...

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Occupational Therapy in Assisted Living: Help for Daily Tasks

We chose assisted living for Dad so he could get the help he needed. Why would he also need therapy?

It’s a perfectly legitimate question, but the thing about assisted living is this: the more assistance your Dad needs ...

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Meet Hyman Strachman, a WWII Vet Bootlegging For a Good Cause

[caption id="attachment_12962" align="alignright" width="300" caption="photo courtesy of The New York Times"][/caption]

He’s only 5-foot-5, but 92-year-old Hyman Strachman’s customers call him “Big Hy.”

Though Hollywood is not a fan, American soldiers in Iraq and ...

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“Non-Therapy” for Seniors: Next Stop, Assisted Living?

They sit and talk about “dependence and independence,” and they range in age from 75 to 88. It’s not officially called a therapy group, but this special workshop, led by a clinical social worker/psychoanalyst named Wendy Wilson, is instead called “...

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Stroke Recovery, Treatment and Therapy in Senior Care

There are over 4 million stroke survivors in the United States, states a recent article from McKnight’s Long Term Care News & Assisted Living.

As a substantial 40% of these survivors require some kind of specialized care following the stroke, Julie ...

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Florida Assisted Living Pursues Promising New Therapy

Glenview at Pelican Bay, an assisted living community in Naples, Florida, is one of several locations tracking a unique therapy to improve senior mobility, reports

As countless articles and publications constantly cite the risk of falls (and consequently ...

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Senior Care SMILE Study: Humor Relieves Agitation in Alzheimer’s

Yes, antipsychotic medications can help take the edge off the anxiety and agitation that many with Alzheimer’s experience, but there are serious risks and side effects to consider (and of course, meds are expensive too).

That’s what makes ...

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Evaluating “Baby Doll Therapy” for Alzheimer’s Patients

Baby doll therapy is something that I've never been too sure about. During my senior living days, I observed many Alzheimer's patients hugging, rocking, burping, or carrying a baby doll throughout the halls of the memory-impaired unit. In a way, it seemed to soothe the person. The doll provided someone, something to care for, and I'm sure it reminded the person of precious memories from the early days of parenthood (...

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