Occupational Therapy in Assisted Living: Help for Daily Tasks

We chose assisted living for Dad so he could get the help he needed. Why would he also need therapy?

It’s a perfectly legitimate question, but the thing about assisted living is this: the more assistance your Dad needs ...

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Complex Care? If It Means No Nursing Homes, Families Are In

The results of a new report from AARP (as shared by Senior Housing News) indicate that families are willing to carry out complicated care tasks if it means avoiding placement in nursing homes or even assisted living communities.

This article ...

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After Assisted Living Transition, Caregivers Are Still Needed

Going to the doctor, attending family events, a trip to the bank or post office: these are among the tasks that residents in assisted living may not be able to do on their own.

Transportation services are often provided by ...

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What Care Services Are Provided in Assisted Living?

A recent post outlined what healthcare services are provided in assisted living. But many residents in this care setting primarily need assistance with personal care and basic daily tasks; as outlined below:

Personal care, which is sometimes referred to as ...

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Filling the Unscheduled Time in Alzheimer’s Caregiving

Alzheimer’s was a hot topic in September, with the debut of #TalkAlz – a brand new chat we’re excited to be a part of, World Alzheimer’s Month, Alzheimer’s Action Day, World Alzheimer’s Day, thousands of Alzheimer’...

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Senior Care Technology: Gadgets Aid in Independent Living

Illustrating the timeless laws of supply and demand, the market for aging in place products and technology now represents over $2.5 trillion dollars in spending power, say the experts at AgeTek (Aging Technology Alliance).
A new article posted on the Right ...

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Creating a Dementia-Friendly Home: Meaningful Activities

Third in a series of four; read part 1: Setting a Firm Foundation; read part 2: A Successful Action Plan

Focusing on the person and not just the physical environment is another important building block in creating a dementia-friendly home. Clearly, it is more than just putting locks on cabinets and alarms on doors. What are your loved one's hobbies? Which activities did he participate in on a daily basis before the ...

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Creating a Dementia-friendly Home: A Successful Action Plan

Second in a series of four; read part 1: Creating a Dementia-Friendly Home: Setting a Firm Foundation

Getting back to the simple yet complex question of "where does one begin?" we look again to the Alzheimer's Association. Here are five simple steps to begin the process of creating a dementia-friendly home:

Assess your home: Look at your home through the eyes of a person with dementia. What objects could injure the ...

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