Discovering the Benefits of a Good Caregiver Support Group

When I was a practicing psychotherapist, I often referred patients to support groups, but was selective about whom to send. Support groups aren’t for everyone; they take a certain amount of “breaking in” and require commitment to be beneficial. ...

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Young Caregivers Becoming the Norm

I'm a brand new parent (only two and a half months in), and I can already see how quickly caregiver burnout creeps in.
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Want to Live Longer? Live in Community

Many people – especially the introverts among us – enjoy solitude. Rather than a curse, solitude is an excellent means of recharging our batteries and reveling in the beauty of silence.
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How to Help When Grief Visits Assisted Living

They may be surrounded by new friends and caring staff members, but residents in assisted living still deal with grief.

Perhaps they moved to assisted living due to the loss of a spouse or relative. Perhaps they are grieving the ...

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Do Doctors Make House Calls in Senior Living?

Dr. Steven Fuller is making house senior living communities. The Idaho-based doctor heads up House Calls, a physician-owned, physician-directed company that provides in-home healthcare coordination for area seniors in assisted living and retirement communities.

This is not a ...

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Caregiver Education: Who Needs It, Where to Get It

All caregivers -- at home, in assisted living, in a community -- could benefit from ongoing education, training, and support. They could all learn something from programs that teach different approaches to care, strategies for difficult situations, and helpful tools ...

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#ElderCareChat 12/19/12 Recap: The Gifts of Caregiving Help

This Wednesday, 33 participants gathered for our bi-monthly #ElderCareChat on Twitter to discuss the programs, tools and information available to caregivers, and perhaps more importantly, how to help them access these valuable resources. We also brainstormed about ways to involve the ...

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More Seniors Need Care for Mental Health Disorders

The bottom line of a new survey conducted by the John A. Hartford Foundation is this: countless seniors are at risk for significant health issues as a result of poor or inadequate treatment of mental health disorders. Survey results were ...

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How Do You Know When a Senior Needs Care?

You’ve seen the signs. You know your father needs support to manage his health care needs. You know your grandmother would enjoy a better quality of life with some help.

Sometimes, the signs are not as clear. Mom has ...

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Caring For Our Nation’s Aging Veterans

In a recent post for, Melody Wilding takes a look at the state of aging veterans in our nation.

She opens with the history of the upcoming holiday, which will be observed this Sunday, and shares these noteworthy ...

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