Self-Confidence Shown to Reduce Stress in Older Adults

When people are feeling confident, it shows. You see it in their posture and how they move. What might be surprising, however, is a new study showing that elevating self-confidence can make older adults healthier.
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How Caregivers Can Prepare for Holiday Stress

It’s inevitable, so instead of being overwhelmed by it, why not prepare for the holiday stress so you can overcome it?

Even if you’re not hosting family or friends at your home, the holidays are definitely a tough ...

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Nurse Burnout Affects Senior Patients

During National Nurses Week, May 5th - May 12th, we recognize nurses as highly skilled, caring and often unsung professionals who play an invaluable role in healthcare. It’s also a good time to acknowledge a critical issue affecting both ...

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Caregivers, Are You Feeling the Effects of Holiday Stress?

It’s an exhausting time of year for many of us, particularly for caregivers in the sandwich generation (those caring for kids and seniors). In addition to the usual stress of caregiving tasks, there are the added responsibilities of holiday ...

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#ElderCareChat 11/7/12 Recap: Managing Holiday Stress

Martha Stewart makes the holidays look easy, but 1) that’s her job, and 2) everything looks easier on TV.

Truthfully, there isn’t much that’s easy about the holidays, especially if you’re a caregiver and have older relatives with ...

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#ElderCareChat to Cover Holiday Stress

Like it or not, the holidays are coming, and so is the stress.

For families and individuals also in the midst of a caregiving crisis or senior care decision-making process, that stress is magnified.

No matter how or if you ...

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Preparing for Senior Care Conversations During the Holidays: Part 1

Go to any major department store and you’ll know the holidays are coming, quickly. If you’re also among the thousands of sandwich generation adults -- caring for children and aging parents -- your stress level is already elevated, ...

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Setting Boundaries in Caregiving

Caring for another human being can be simultaneously a rewarding and frustrating experience. The daily challenges in the big things and the small may at times overwhelm the caregiver and the person receiving care, causing division, anger, stress, and sometimes, ...

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The Facts About Women, Alzheimer’s and Caregiving

A new report from the Working Mother Research Institute says that a striking two-thirds of Alzheimer’s caregivers are women.

In Women and Alzheimer’s Disease: The Caregiver’s Crisis (access the report here), important statistics about the where, when, ...

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Find Strength, and Common Ground, in Senior Care Support Groups

A caregiver needs support to survive and thrive through the ups and downs of caring for another person(s). Support groups offer more than just support though; finding common ground with others facing similar challenges is a real gift, and ...

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