Treat the Whole Person Not the Condition

Not long ago, I ran into an older couple who looked very familiar. After searching my memory bank, I remembered – he was a distinguished professor at the small, prestigious college in the village where I grew up. His wife didn’...

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Residents Give Assisted Living Two Thumbs Up

If you watched the recent PBS special “Life and Death in Assisted Living,” which cast a dark shadow on assisted living, you’re probably desperate for some good news about that particular senior housing option. Not only does SFL blogger ...

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Who’s Who in Assisted Living (and Why It Matters)

When you’re a caregiver, your responsibilities don’t end after the person (or couple) moves to assisted living. Your daily grind may look different, but now you can be involved in a new way: getting to know the rest ...

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Why No Two Assisted Living Communities Are Alike

Assisted living is a business, whether it is run by a for-profit or not-for-profit company. Though it may be difficult to think of a place that provides personal care for older adults as such, it is the truth. However, it’...

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Who Make the Best Senior Living Salespeople?

Of course every senior living community needs marketing and sales staff, but in this new post blogger Steve Moran suggests that some of the best salespeople are family members, vendors, and the direct care staff who have daily interactions with ...

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The Difference Between a Nursing Home and Assisted Living

Nursing home versus assisted living: what’s the difference? The main distinction between the two are the qualifications of the staff and the types of care services they provide.

Let’s break down the three basic categories of senior care, ...

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5 Assisted Living “Must-Knows”

In late August, a CBS News video highlighted the 5 things consumers need to know about assisted living. (Access the video and accompanying article here.)

Reporter Rebecca Jarvis covered these major issues:

Getting the facility’s ratings. There is no Zagat ...

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Preventing Theft and Maintaining Privacy in Assisted Living

It’s an unfortunate reality that things can get stolen in assisted living, but by implementing a few simple practices, it’s easy to prevent the loss of valuables, money, or other items.

Think about it this way: on any ...

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New to Assisted Living? Get to Know the Caregiving Staff

After a senior transitions to assisted living, the primary caregiver still has an important role. Most likely, this individual will be the point of contact should any medical emergencies or other care needs arise. Given this position, the caregiver should ...

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Celebrating “Art for the Ages” During NALW 2012

Pick up a paintbrush, dabble in decoupage, cover your hands in clay, whittle a woodcarving, make a musical masterpiece: this year’s theme for National Assisted Living Week is “Art for the Ages,” and it’s a celebration of creativity ...

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