Caregiver Presents Grandmother as Superhero

We often think of the caregiver as the superhero, which is certainly an accurate point of view in most cases. This New York Times article offers a different, though equally valuable, perspective: the senior as the superhero, literally. The photographs ...

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Encouraging a Senior in Assisted Living

Everything is new for a senior in assisted living.

New neighbors, new apartment, new routines, new foods, new smells, new sounds, new friends. Yes, some of these changes and novelties may be for the best, but receiving cheerful cards and ...

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A Smile, A Hug and the Power of Positivity in Assisted Living

How many hugs do you give or receive each day? When was the last time you held someone’s hand, or had a friend pat you on the back (not figuratively)? Physical contact, no matter how brief, delivers a profound ...

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