How to Find Rest When You’re Caring Around the Clock

Caring for another human being is a big deal.

No matter what the age, relationship or needs, caregiving is an often stressful, at times rewarding, many times frustrating, almost always exhausting experience. But if the person you’re caring for ...

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A Good Night’s Sleep: Tips for Seniors

How many hours of sleep do seniors need? As much as a high school student, according to this Health Matters news story. The target: seven to nine hours a night for both populations is best.

The similarity in this sleep ...

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Sleep May Not Improve Seniors’ Memory

How many times have we forgotten something (OK, maybe it's just me) and blamed it on a lack of sleep?

Though sleep deprivation has been linked to memory loss, a new study suggests that a good night's sleep doesn't seem to improve older adults' memory.

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, presented their findings at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, in Washington, D.C. In November, 2011.


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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep, for Good Health, in Assisted Living

This weekend, you gained an extra hour of sleep – or you were quite confused when you arrived an hour early for church yesterday. As many delight greatly in this annual gift of an additional hour, it’s clear that sleep ...

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The Mechanics of Getting Some Sleep

This guest blog post is contributed by Boomerater, a free online resource for Baby Boomers helping you find everything from a Chicago financial advisor to family vacations. Seniors for Living contributes its senior housing properties to Boomerater's local directories including Minnesota Alzheimer's Care, Missouri assisted living, and more.

A new Q&A discussion from Boomerater's forums appears here each Friday. In this week's post, members share their solutions for ...

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