How to… Spot the Onset of Dementia

As soon as you forget your keys, the name of that guy you just met, or what you went upstairs for, you worry: Is it Alzheimer’s? Am I in the early stages of dementia?

First of all, here’s ...

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Heart Health: Caregivers Should Know the Signs

Stroke, heart attack, cardiac arrest: these conditions often appear suddenly and without warning. Every second counts. Consequently, we should all know the signs and what do if we see them, because we never know when we might encounter a person ...

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How Do You Know When a Senior Needs Care?

You’ve seen the signs. You know your father needs support to manage his health care needs. You know your grandmother would enjoy a better quality of life with some help.

Sometimes, the signs are not as clear. Mom has ...

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How to Find the Right Assisted Living Community

Cost and location aside, there are several signs that a particular assisted living home may be a good fit for you or the person making that transition. No place will be entirely perfect, but how to find a community that ...

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Choosing Home Care, Knowing the Right Time

Are we there yet? Is it time to go? Can we open our presents now? Children are never afraid to ask questions about timing, and will do so relentlessly, depending on their age and the urgency of their request.

In ...

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The Signs of a Quality Assisted Living Community

Curb appeal, updated appliances. Safe, modern electrical work and plumbing. Proximity to the grocery store; a well-respected school district. Buyers are looking at these and many other things when evaluating a new home. What to look for when considering assisted ...

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Accreditation and Regulations in Senior Care: A Necessary Evil or Nuisance?

Nursing homes and assisted living communities are regulated by their state’s designated agencies, be it the Department of Health, Aging, Public Welfare, or Human Services, to name a few examples. Of course it is vital for senior care facilities ...

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