How to Do Holiday Shopping in Assisted Living

Most assisted living communities provide regularly scheduled trips to area grocery stores, malls, the post office, and other essential spots. At this time of year, additional transportation opportunities are typically offered for residents to complete their holiday shopping. For seniors ...

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Cyber Monday Scam Watch: Tips for Safe Shopping

It’s a big day for online shopping, which means anyone who is searching for deals should also beware of scam artists seeking vulnerable consumers.

Whether you’re making a purchase, window-shopping, or asking the grandkids what they want for ...

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On Giving Tuesday, Head to Assisted Living

A few years ago, Cyber Monday became an officially recognized day for catching online shopping deals similar to those of Black Friday fame. Now, Giving Tuesday (#GivingTuesday in Twitter-speak) joins the ranks, balancing out the two crazy days of shopping ...

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Avoid Scams, Browse Online Safely in Senior Living

Fact: seniors are active online. According to a Pew Internet & American Life Project report out this year, “53% of American adults age 65 and older use the internet or email.” This number is growing every day.

Whether they’re using a ...

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Can You Go Shopping in Assisted Living?

Although meals are provided and laundry is often take care of in-house, residents in assisted living still need a certain number of items, and they don’t always have to count on family members to take them shopping.

Whether they ...

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Farmer’s Markets: A Gathering Place for Community Seniors

One of my favorite things about living near Amish Country is the abundance of farmer's markets in a 30 mile radius.  My husband and I try to buy the majority of our goods at the market, going only to grocery stores for things like orange juice and toilet paper.

There are a number of reasons we enjoy stocking our kitchen via the farmer's market. The food is fresher and more affordable, ...

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