Technology Trend Watch: An Exclusive Interview with GE’s Bronwyn Medley

Technology seems to be one of the hottest topic across elder care blogs these days. Our very own #ElderCareChat on the subject hit the Twitter trending list a few weeks back (review the recap here), and ever since, it seems ...

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Study Finds Alzheimer’s Care Best in Small Assisted Living Homes

For the 80 million people affected by dementia around the globe, specialized care in smaller, more intimate settings is best, says a new study published in September’s Journal of Clinical Nursing.

Residents of two “group living units” (which were part ...

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Q&A: Assisted Living Services, Settings, and Staffing

Considering assisted living for yourself or a loved one? Review these frequently asked questions and find answers about this dynamic – and still relatively new – level of care (see Origins of Assisted Living).

Bear in mind that no two assisted living communities are alike (a fact undoubtedly complicated by the lack of a universal definition for this care category), but there are a number of common threads in terms of what ...

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