How Pet Therapy Makes a Difference for Seniors

Pet therapy programs have expanded all over the country, reaching people in all age groups and meeting a wider variety of health needs. Though seeing eye dogs are still an option, now there are therapy llamas for hospice patients, monkeys ...

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Why You Should Ask About the Food in Assisted Living

Considering that most of us eat three meals a day and have a few snacks in between those meals, it goes without saying that the food is an incredibly important aspect to consider when checking out assisted living.

It’s ...

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National Center for Assisted Living Announces 2012 Award Winners

Each year, member organizations like ALFA (the Assisted Living Federation of America) and NCAL (the National Center for Assisted Living) take nominations from participating communities to determine the best of the best.

NCAL recently announced the award winners for 2012, in ...

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Atria Senior Living Rewards Program Recognizes Dedicated Employees

"Thanks for the work that you do." "We appreciate your service!" "You're doing a great job." Sometimes, just a little bit of positive feedback or a simple word of gratitude can go the distance. (A fun party helps too.)


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Assisted Living Communities Awarded for Outstanding Service

Earlier this spring, the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) distributed their annual Best of the Best Awards to the assisted living communities that demonstrated outstanding service to residents and their families, as well as superior staff management.

Award winners ...

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Atria Senior Living Friends Making a Difference

Volunteering does a body good. Good friends Harold Meininger and Eddie Welch, residents at an Atria Senior Living community in Florida, know this firsthand.

Welch is 74 and Meininger is 96; both are active volunteers within the assisted living community they call ...

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Keeping Residents Happy in Senior Living

Providers, take note: residents are leaving your communities because of the high costs and poor service, according to a recent article from (Their declining health and a desire to be closer to family were factors too, though these ...

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Daughter Seeks Final Honor for Last WWI Vet

[caption id="attachment_5158" align="alignright" width="235" caption="photo courtesy of Getty Images"][/caption]

The last surviving U.S. WWI veteran died recently, just a few weeks after he turned 110.

Frank Buckles served in the U.S. Army as an ambulance driver in Europe during the “Great War”, as it was then called, and became a corporal shortly before the end of the four-year conflict (in which more than 16.5 million people ...

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Senior Services Spotlight: Ecumen’s “Lifestyle Covenant”

Ecumen's "Changing Aging" blog is pretty sweet. With bylines like "What's Shakespeare Got to Do with Dementia?!" and "More Seniors are Smoking Marijuana," this is aging stuff with some bite, some creative edge. It's unique content, it's well-written, and it's worth checking out.

I was inspired to browse the site after a comment on one of my February posts referenced Ecumen's Lifestyle Covenant. First things first, Ecumen is an innovative ...

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