Finding the Best Fit in Senior Care

Deciding where to live rarely happens by closing your eyes and waving your hand over an open map, picking the city or state your roving finger randomly lands on.

You lay out the pros and cons. You discuss priorities and ...

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Senior Living Transportation Promotes Convenience, Independence

Giving up driving, taking away the keys, revoking a driver’s license: no matter how it goes down, this is one of the thorniest senior care decisions that families and individuals encounter, and one of the most monumental life changes ...

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Get to Know an Assisted Living Community before Move-In Day

“Lunch & learn” events are popular in a number of venues today: at the workplace, in community centers, on college campuses, etc. Typically, these events are designed to educate attendees in an informal setting on the sponsor’s topic of ...

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Grandchildren: A Key Motivator for Making a Senior Care Decision

At any age, the decision to move is comprised of many considerations and compromises: country vs. city? Low-maintenance townhouse vs. sprawling single-family home? Move for a job or to be closer to family & friends?

A recent article on the ...

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