Talking to Your Parents About Assisted Living

When is it time to have “the talk?” For adult children concerned about their parents, talking about a transition to assisted living or another type of senior care setting should happen sooner rather than later.

That being said, a discussion ...

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Senior Living Provider Alert: Industrial System Dangers Reported

McKnight’s Long-Term Care News & Assisted Living reports that a widely used Honeywell product used in many senior care facilities has a dangerous flaw.

Per the article, published today on the McKnight’s site, computer security experts found that ...

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Independent Living: When Does Security Go Too Far?

A new article from poses the question, cautioning independent living providers that utilize monitoring/emergency alert technology systems to tread carefully. There is a fine line between fostering autonomy, assuring privacy, and providing a means for swift, efficient ...

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When the Heat is On, Many Consider Assisted Living

As much of the country braces for a major heat wave this week, a recent article in Texas’ Lubbock Avalanche Journal cites a number of reasons the CDC says that seniors are more prone to heat stroke and other health ...

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New Study on Stuff and Love Teaches an Important Lesson

How much do you love your stuff? Do you have panic attacks when treasured items go missing? Feel uneasy when corners aren’t cluttered enough? Get angry if your spouse/partner moves your things without asking?

Ok, I admit that there are a few items that I would be devastated to lose – like my wedding ring, laptop (a writer’s entire life!) or photos of my family. But you know ...

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