When Searching for Senior Care, Where to Spend and Where to Save

Truth: senior care is expensive, and you can’t rely on Medicare to pick up the bill (read more about paying for care).

When a family member takes on the responsibility of caring for an older adult, the cost is ...

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The Most Searchable Senior Care Services

You might be surprised to learn the search term that has seen continual growth in the past decade is also the senior care option in which there seems to be decreasing interest: “nursing home.”

That’s the word from this ...

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Should You Search for Assisted Living by Online Reviews?

Blogger Steve Moran hosts the Senior Housing Forum site, which he calls a place for conversation and collaboration” among industry professionals and consumers. Yesterday, he posted this article on the pros and cons of using an online review site, SeniorAdvisor....

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Finding Assisted Living in a Unique Way

You’ve been tasked with finding an assisted living community for Mom, whose advancing Alzheimer’s means she cannot stay at home alone safely anymore. Before launching an online search or asking for advice from friends who have done the ...

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How to… Know When It’s Time to Start Seeking Home Care

You’re concerned for a senior loved one who lives at home alone or with a spouse/partner (for whom you may also be concerned). Maybe you’re providing care for a few hours a day or a few hours ...

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How to… Choose An Assisted Living Community

Choosing assisted living for yourself or a loved one: it’s one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make in life, and not just because of the cost. Though there are similar considerations when buying a home (location, style, ...

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Survey Shows Confidence in the Power of Online Health Information

Can a visit to WebMD (or another similar health website) save your life? A new survey from Philips revealed this result: one in 10 Americans said yes. According to the press release that shared the findings, 11 percent of consumers surveyed believe “...

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Assisted Living Options in the South

Southern hospitality, warmer temperatures, majestic architecture, a rich cultural history, stunning gardens, and of course, the good country cooking that the south is known for: if you want to spend your late life years in the south, or if you’...

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Getting the Family Involved in an Assisted Living Search

Once your family has decided decided it’s time to explore assisted living for a senior relative, there are ways to get everyone involved in the search process so that the burden does not rest entirely on the primary caregiver.


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How to Use Social Media for a Senior Living Search

Like this status update, friend request sent, retweet this post, share this photo. We’re living in a social media world, and that means there are new ways to search for senior care options.

Finding senior living can a very ...

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