School, or Senior Housing?

Creating a senior housing community out of a former school building: this has been a top trend in the industry throughout 2012. Renovation and retrofitting of landmark buildings that have stood vacant for years -- from schools, hotels, hospitals, churches and ...

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School’s On for Seniors

Senior citizens who still yearn to learn may have the opportunity to do so free of charge, a welcome prospect for seniors crunched in the currently stressed economy.

Here’s a brief rundown of several programs available across the US:

For a state-by-state breakdown, consult

In Union County, New Jersey, the LIFE (Learning is ForEver) Center invites Union County residents above the age of 62 ...

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Making the Grade: The Intergenerational School

Two of my favorite topics - Alzheimer's and intergenerational programs - go hand in hand in a story that was featured on NPR's Morning Edition several months ago.

Dr. Peter Whitehouse always advised his older patients who were suffering from memory loss to stay socially active; it was the best prescription he could give them. So when Dr. Whitehouse and his wife Cathy founded an inner-city charter school in Cleveland ...

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