Dealing with Sundowning and Shadowing in Alzheimer’s Care

If you are a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia (whether at home, in assisted living, or elsewhere), you will likely experience sundowning/shadowing at some point in the disease progression.

Sundowning, per the Alzheimer’s Association, is ...

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Activities in Assisted Living: More Than Just “Things to Do”

We all have a morning routine. Maybe it’s reading the paper with a cup of coffee in hand, or a brisk walk with the dogs, or packing lunches for the kids before rushing them out the door to catch ...

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Why Senior Living Communities Are a Great Place to Get Fit

Starting up and sticking with an exercise routine is a challenge at any age. No matter how much we read or hear about the importance of physical fitness, the first and subsequent steps on the road to good health don’...

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Secrets of Healthy Aging: Keeping a Routine

Making a pot of coffee. Going for a jog. An apple a day. Whatever your daily routine looks like, the way you begin and subsequently move through your day has an impact not only on the hours ahead, but may ...

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Study Finds Alzheimer’s Care Best in Small Assisted Living Homes

For the 80 million people affected by dementia around the globe, specialized care in smaller, more intimate settings is best, says a new study published in September’s Journal of Clinical Nursing.

Residents of two “group living units” (which were part ...

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Travel Tips for Caregivers

If you’re the primary caregiver for a parent or older relative/friend, then you might be wondering if travel plans should be on hold indefinitely.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Caregiving is exhausting, even though you may ...

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Tips for Adjusting After a Move to Senior Care

Moving into assisted living, independent living, or any other senior care setting is a major life transition that will likely take time to adjust to, even if it was a decision amicably reached. Bringing in home care also commences a ...

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