New Online Community for Men Providing Senior Care

The newest group to emerge as caregivers for seniors, joining the millions already providing care? Men.

Recognizing this trend, more resources tailored to men are popping up online, including this one -- The Male Caregiver Community (currently sponsored by Homewatch ...

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Preparing for Senior Care Conversations During the Holidays: Part 2

Yesterday's post offered advice on considering assisted living options -- or at least starting the conversation about it -- during the upcoming holiday season. Not sure where or how to begin? Consider these helpful tips:

Approach the subject with sensitivity ...

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FAQs & Facts About Assisted Living

Have questions about assisted living? You’re not alone. It’s a young and still evolving industry, and no two communities are alike. If you are considering a particular assisted living community for yourself or a senior relative or friend, ...

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Choosing Home Care, Knowing the Right Time

Are we there yet? Is it time to go? Can we open our presents now? Children are never afraid to ask questions about timing, and will do so relentlessly, depending on their age and the urgency of their request.

In ...

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Choosing an Elder Law Attorney

This guest editorial is provided by the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys.

Legal problems that affect elders are growing in number. Elder Law encompasses many different fields of law; among them are:

Medicare claims/appeals
Social security and ...

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#ElderCareChat 101: A Resource for Caregivers & Senior Care Professionals

Twitter invites people to “join the conversation” – and at Seniors for Living (@Seniors4Living), we’ve taken that invitation a step further.

This past November, our team joined forces with Denise Brown (@Caregiving) of to start a new ...

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Frequently Asked Questions about Assisted Living

It’s one of the most popular care options for seniors today, but it might also be the most misunderstood. Assisted living communities nationwide are extremely diverse in terms of what services they provide and in what type of setting, and these differences occur not just from state to state, but even from county to county.

Although this variety is beneficial in some ways, the lack of consistency is challenging, ...

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Q&A: Assisted Living Services, Settings, and Staffing

Considering assisted living for yourself or a loved one? Review these frequently asked questions and find answers about this dynamic – and still relatively new – level of care (see Origins of Assisted Living).

Bear in mind that no two assisted living communities are alike (a fact undoubtedly complicated by the lack of a universal definition for this care category), but there are a number of common threads in terms of what ...

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Facebook Fan Page Contest: Begins Monday, October 4th

Jeopardy bills itself as “everyone’s favorite quiz show,” but this week, will give them a run for their money.

While that may be overstating things a bit, we will be channeling our inner-Alex Trebek as we host a two-week-long trivia contest on our Facebook page. Starting today, Monday, October 4th, we’ll ask a trivia question each morning at 8:00am, ET. Leave your answer in the comment ...

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