Finding a Quality Assisted Living Community

Advocating for quality care in various settings (at the doctor’s office, in a hospital, during family gatherings, etc.) was the focus of this week’s #ElderCareChat conversation. One of the questions the group explored was how to ensure quality ...

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#ElderCareChat 2/6/13 Recap Post: Advocating for Quality Care

This Wednesday, 52 participants (with several new faces among the group) talked about the various settings in which family caregivers and their loved ones find themselves: at the doctor’s office, at home with a home health care provider, in the ...

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Why You Should Ask About the Food in Assisted Living

Considering that most of us eat three meals a day and have a few snacks in between those meals, it goes without saying that the food is an incredibly important aspect to consider when checking out assisted living.

It’s ...

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5 Assisted Living “Must-Knows”

In late August, a CBS News video highlighted the 5 things consumers need to know about assisted living. (Access the video and accompanying article here.)

Reporter Rebecca Jarvis covered these major issues:

Getting the facility’s ratings. There is no Zagat ...

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#ElderCareChat 10/3/12 Recap: Quality of Life for Caregivers

Quality of life is not something that is easily put into words, but we certainly know when we don’t have the quality of life we want, or when someone else’s quality of life is not what it should ...

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Searching for Assisted Living When Time Is of the Essence

That dreaded phone call in the middle of the night. A subsequent trip to the ER. Long hours of worrying and wondering in the waiting room. When a medical crisis hits, families are often forced into a quick decision about ...

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The Signs of a Quality Assisted Living Community

Curb appeal, updated appliances. Safe, modern electrical work and plumbing. Proximity to the grocery store; a well-respected school district. Buyers are looking at these and many other things when evaluating a new home. What to look for when considering assisted ...

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Finding Quality Alzheimer’s Care (When The Time Is Right)

Alzheimer’s is a heartbreaking disease, with challenges for the primary caregiver (and all concerned friends and family) at almost every turn. It’s an unpredictable ride: sometimes, the losses follow one after another without reprieve. Sometimes the individual hits ...

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Oregon Assisted Living Gets Perfect Score

An article from PRWeb reported that an assisted living facility in Salem, Oregon, received a zero deficiency score from the state’s licensing department.

In Oregon, a licensing survey is completed every two years. Most states require that these survey ...

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Tips for Finding Quality Assisted Living Care

It doesn’t matter if you’re faced with multiple options, or if it’s slim pickings. Either way, you want to select an assisted living community that provides quality care.

Consider these tips for finding quality assisted living care:

1. ...

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