The Future of Memory Care

Brookdale Senior Living’s national Director of Dementia Care & Programs explains how memory care is provided today -- and what to expect for the future -- in terms of food. In the July/August issue of Senior Living Executive ...

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Food Prices Go Up, Senior Living Costs May Follow

Anyone who shops for groceries or dines out on a regular basis knows that food is expensive. Many of us also know that when food prices go up, the impact is felt elsewhere. So is the case with senior living ...

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Excellence in Assisted Living: ALFA Adds New Award Categories

A Taste of the Future: The Next Generation Dining Menu. Turning Around Caregiver Turnover. Honoring the Life of a Resident Following His or Her Death. These are three out of 13 new categories that the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) ...

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Senior Living Providers Must Do Social Media, Say Experts

“Ignore Social Media...At Your Peril” are the strong words from the title of a recent post.

The warning comes based on new stats from the Pew Research Center, which indicates that 53% of seniors (those over the age ...

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Caregiving 2.0: How Technology Makes Long Distance Caregiving Easier

Today's guest post is by Melody Wilding, a licensed medical social worker (LMSW) and Community Manager for

It’s 11 a.m. Two meetings down: what’s next? Maybe check emails or tackle the pile of papers growing on ...

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Independent Living: When Does Security Go Too Far?

A new article from poses the question, cautioning independent living providers that utilize monitoring/emergency alert technology systems to tread carefully. There is a fine line between fostering autonomy, assuring privacy, and providing a means for swift, efficient ...

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Educating Policymakers, and the Public, About Assisted Living

The assisted living industry has weathered a few storms of late, as more state regulators move towards stricter regulations, a movement spurred on by consumers, consumer advocates, and even some providers. (Read up on the controversies and conflicts here.)

A ...

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Bringing Hospice to Assisted Living

At the end of life, there is comfort and peace for families -- and the individual nearing death -- in hospice care. Though there are more stand-alone hospice care facilities than were previously available, many agencies and providers go directly ...

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Keeping Residents Happy in Senior Living

Providers, take note: residents are leaving your communities because of the high costs and poor service, according to a recent article from (Their declining health and a desire to be closer to family were factors too, though these ...

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Person-Centered Care Among NCAL’s Top Assisted Living Priorities for 2012

“2012 is going to be a very interesting year for assisted living, and one of the primary reasons is because it’s changing so rapidly,” says Mike Shepard, chair of the National Center for Assisted Living’s board of directors.

Based ...

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