Caregiver Education: Who Needs It, Where to Get It

All caregivers -- at home, in assisted living, in a community -- could benefit from ongoing education, training, and support. They could all learn something from programs that teach different approaches to care, strategies for difficult situations, and helpful tools ...

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Benefits Checkup: National Programs Helping Seniors

Paying for prescriptions, food, and the monthly utility bills is a challenge for seniors on a fixed income. Sadly, it’s more serious than that: the National Council on Aging estimates that over 13 million older adults “live in or on ...

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The Senior Caregiver Toolbox

When you become a caregiver, there is no party to celebrate your new role, no packet that arrives in the mail to congratulate you, no professional who arrives at your home to inform you on what to do. When your ...

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Budget Cuts That May Affect Senior Care and Services

The fiscal cliff has been the political buzz word of late, as concerns about the burgeoning budget deficit continue to intensify. This week, the National Council on Aging released details about a federal decision that could prompt “drastic, automatic, across-the-board ...

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Ideas for Intergenerational Activities in Assisted Living

The interaction between kids and seniors is almost always positive, especially in the right setting and with the right instruction. For seniors in assisted living, the benefits of intergenerational programs are many. The kids benefit too.

That being said, bringing ...

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Things to Come: Health Innovations Proposed for Senior Living

A virtual talking dog. A personal emergency response system (PERS) bracelet. A caregiver background check service site. These were among the top pitches from companies presenting their innovative health products and programs at the recent AARP-sponsored Life@50+ Expo.

A recent ...

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From the Retirement Community to the Art Museum

Residents at a retirement community in Massachusetts visited an art museum this week.

Lifelong learning programs like North Hill’s True North Courses & Events are becoming more popular at independent and assisted living communities across the country; there are ...

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Connecticut Assisted Living Has Award-Winning Poetry Program

A few weeks ago, we highlighted a unique senior fitness program that made the Assisted Living Federation of America’s Best of the Best Programs to Watch list.

As stated in this ALFA news post, Hoffman Summerwood assisted living recently ...

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New Programs to Serve “Next Generation” at Brookdale Senior Living

Things are changing in senior housing every day. Providers are preparing for the next generation of residents, public and private entities are seeking new funding options and revenue streams, state governments are revising regulations to better suit new care categories, ...

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Assisted Living Activities to Engage Men and Women

A well-rounded activities calendar at assisted living should include more than just an occasional game of trivia or afternoon tea party. Also, no two communities should have calendars that look exactly the same, as programs should reflect the hobbies and ...

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