Olympic Medal Winners Move to a Retirement Community

Two players from Canada’s 2012 Olympic soccer team (winners of the bronze medal that year) are making themselves at home...in a retirement community.

This new post from Retirement-Living.com tells all: Diana Matheson and Robin Gayle, both twenty-somethings, currently ...

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Natural Brain Health Boosters From Emeritus Senior Living

Everyone’s worried about Alzheimer’s and dementia, and though there is still no cure, there are a number of recommendations about prevention. Paul Nussbaum, an experienced doctor and the director of brain health with Emeritus Senior Living, shares his ...

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Making a Senior Living Decision at the Front Desk

Sometimes, first impressions mean everything. It doesn’t matter where you’re going -- a hotel, a restaurant, a new business or an assisted living community. What you see, smell, hear, touch and experience in those first few moments of ...

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Caring for Someone With Alzheimer’s, At Home

Fact: You can care for someone with Alzheimer’s at home, and there is professional help if you need it.

Though more families are making the decision to keep a friend or relative at home instead of transitioning to assisted ...

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Finding Quality Alzheimer’s Care (When The Time Is Right)

Alzheimer’s is a heartbreaking disease, with challenges for the primary caregiver (and all concerned friends and family) at almost every turn. It’s an unpredictable ride: sometimes, the losses follow one after another without reprieve. Sometimes the individual hits ...

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