Take Time to Make the Right Senior Care Decision

“It is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly.” This quote from Mabel Newcomber is one in a collection of sage advice for caregivers from Sageminder.com, and it’s apt for any families ...

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Choosing the Best Independent Living Location

Have you ever considered what your personality has to do with making a decision about senior living?

Of course cost is important, and so is location. However, when considering a move to independent living, it’s essential to visit a ...

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How Grandchildren Can Help With a Senior Care Transition

Grandchildren are often overlooked when their parents are discussing how to care for their parents. Wanting to protect their children from the pain of watching their grandparents’ decline, some adults may even push the kids aside.

However, most grandchildren who ...

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Finding the Best Fit in Senior Care

Deciding where to live rarely happens by closing your eyes and waving your hand over an open map, picking the city or state your roving finger randomly lands on.

You lay out the pros and cons. You discuss priorities and ...

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Senior Move Managers Assist in Care Transitions

Though a major life decision and intense process on its own, choosing a senior care community is just the beginning: a lifetime and household’s worth of stuff must now be transitioned into a much smaller space, and usually in ...

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HUD Addresses Backlog in Applications for Senior Housing Program

A recent article in Senior Housing News gave an update on The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) plans to address a backlog of Section 232 applications by hiring more employees via a contract firm.

Section 232 is a program ...

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Tips for Choosing an Assisted Living Community

Choosing the assisted living community that’s best for you or a senior loved one in your care can be overwhelming, frustrating, or confusing. Here are a few tips to guide you through the selection process:

Location: If you live in or near a major metropolitan area, there are numerous options. In rural or suburban areas, however, options are limited, but you shouldn’t just settle for the closest assisted ...

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To Age or Not to Age: Intriguing Research Featured in New Film

People in New York City were treated to an interesting new film, To Age or Not to Age, this July at the Village East Cinema. Here's the premise... Four leading scientists – Dr. Cynthia Kenyon, Dr. David Sinclair, Dr. Leonard Guarente, and Dr. Aubrey de Grey – are featured along with their groundbreaking research which begs the question that gives the film its title: To Age or Not to Age.

According to ...

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