Is Care Available in Independent Living?

It’s a question that people currently residing in independent living -- or people considering it -- may have, and the simple answer is yes. However, that "yes" doesn’t mean the community itself provides care services. Even if the ...

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Bringing Home Care to Assisted Living

Yesterday’s post highlighted the benefits of bringing in an occupational therapist (OT) to assisted living. Today, we’ll take a look at another way to supplement services: bringing in home care.

Again, this question naturally comes up: why are ...

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A Round-Up of Senior Care Payment Options

Deciding whether to access senior care (and what type of services, like home care, assisted living, or skilled nursing care) is one thing, how to pay for it is another. Both are monumental tasks, especially for caregivers who are already ...

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Can You Have Thanksgiving Dinner in Assisted Living?

When someone you love has moved to assisted living, the holidays may be different, but that doesn’t mean they have to be any less joyful.

This may be the first Thanksgiving that a family member is residing in assisted ...

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Paying for Assisted Living

How will we pay for care? This is probably the biggest question, whether spoken out loud or silently pondered, among families trying to make a decision about assisted living.

Costs vary by state and even by town; much depends on ...

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Veterans: Are You Eligible for Aid and Attendance Benefits?

Although my husband is only a reservist in the United States Coast Guard, we still take advantage of every perk, discount, or resource that serving in the military has to offer - and we constantly share those opportunities with anyone we know who might also be eligible.

Ted Gumley has created a successful business by sharing one valuable opportunity for senior veterans and their spouses: the Aid & Attendance program. I ...

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