Grandparents Boosting the Economy, Enjoying Income Increase

After recent posts citing economic insecurity among senior households and the challenges of a graying population, there is finally some good news to add to the mix, thanks to a new MetLife report.

Issued in July, The MetLife Report on ...

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Graying Population Presents Challenges for People of All Ages

The implications of increased longevity are far-reaching, affecting even the youngest members of society, says New Realities of an Older America: Challenges, Changes and Questions, a report recently issued by the Stanford Center of Longevity.
Baby boomers are aging as ...

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Statistics Snapshot: Who Resides in Assisted Living?

Data posted at The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) website gives insight regarding the population who resides in assisted living communities throughout the US. The information was originally published in the “2009 Overview of Assisted Living”; the report was a ...

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Senior Housing Report Cites Positive Industry Growth

In early June, the Black Swan Real Estate blog posted the link to a senior housing brief on the industry’s outlook for 2011.

As per the report, senior housing will continue to “attract substantial interest” even as the real estate ...

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Spotlight on Independent Living Communities in Florida

Sunshine, sparkling waters, palm trees, citrus fruits, Key West, Miami Dolphins, Mickey Mouse, Kennedy Space Center – and the list goes on. Florida still tops the list of states with the highest number of senior residents (a recent US News Money &...

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The Dutch Approach to the Nursing Shortage

We have a real problem on our hands here in the United States – the nursing shortage. Thanks to the rapid graying of our population, the nursing shortage is a problem that becomes much, much bigger.

Data from the year 2000 indicates that 12.4% of Americans are 65 and older. Before long, we’ll have updated data, thanks to the 2010 census; undoubtedly, it will indicate a rise in that percentage.

Although a move towards ...

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Redefining Seniors: It’s All About Respect (Part Two)

The elderly, elders. Old people, old old, oldest old. The aged, or aging. Senior citizens, seniors. Baby boomers. Sandwich generation. Retirees. Different names for people in certain age brackets who comprise a large percentage of the population...but do any of them really define the range of the 55 & up crowd? And can we even say that it's 55 & up anymore?

A few months ago, I wrote a post on ...

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Homelessness Rates Among Elderly On the Rise

The National Alliance to End Homelessness released a startling new report at the end of March, indicating that, without intervention, the elderly homeless population will increase by 33% in 2020 and more than double by 2050. The chart below (from the report) illustrates this dramatic swelling:

The report outlines poverty rates among the elderly, changes in seniors- economic vulnerability and their reliance on federal affordable housing programs, and causes of homelessness in this ...

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