#ElderCareChat on 1/7/15: Personal, Professional and Group Goals for the New Year

During Wednesday’s live discussion, 40 new and returning participants kicked off the 2015 #ElderCareChat season with a rather introspective dialogue about their goals and dreams for the new year, on a professional and personal level. Besides sharing these plans, attendees revealed ...

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Why New Florida Assisted Living Changed Plans

The neighbors. That’s the main reason that plans are currently on hold for a new multi-million dollar assisted living facility in Titusville, Florida.

According to this Florida Today news article, the man behind the plans is Dr. Ramesh Mathur, ...

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Storm Update: Many Senior Care Facilities Implement Disaster Plans

The past 48 hours have kept East Coast residents on their toes, with mandatory evacuations, power outages, high winds, downed trees, flash flooding, electrical fires, and a number of other issues caused by Hurricane Sandy. The stormy weather has prompted a ...

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Forget Retirement, Work is More Fun

I’ve been thinking about retirement lately.  Yes, I know, I’m only in my early 30s, but there are a few different reasons it’s been on my mind.

First, my father recently “semi-retired” from his job of 30+ years, and I still can’t get used to the fact that when I call home during the day, Dad might pick up the phone. I’m having fun talking to ...

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Health Reform Update: Changes in Medicare Coverage

It’s been six months since the passage of the health reform bill. It’s easy to remember how frequently we heard the words “health care reform” on the TV, radio, and internet six months ago, but it’s easy to forget what, in that infamous 906-page document known more formally as the Affordable Care Act/H.R. 3590, will actually change and how those changes will impact us on a ...

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Creating a Dementia-Friendly Home: Bringing It All Together

Fourth in a series of four; read part 1: Setting a Firm Foundation; read part 2: A Successful Action Plan; read part 3: Meaningful Activities

Clearly, creating a dementia-friendly home is a complex, dynamic and lengthy process that cannot be accomplished in a vacuum of peace and quiet. Caregivers must integrate these changes on a daily, sometimes minute-by-minute basis, while simultaneously dealing with the often frustrating behaviors of the loved one in need. ...

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