Visiting Assisted Living This Weekend? How to Do It Right

It’s a holiday weekend, so you may be planning to visit a parent, friend or relative in assisted living. Maybe it’s your first time doing so, maybe you’re a regular. Either way, do you know how to ...

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What to Expect From Assisted Living Care

If you are considering a transition to assisted living for yourself, a parent or someone you know, it’s important to understand what to expect from this level of care before becoming a resident:

How much help is needed now? ...

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Celebrating the Holidays With a Parent In Assisted Living

This might be the first year that your parent or loved one is in assisted living during the holiday season. For the family who is accustomed to celebrating together, the change can be difficult or depressing.

Don’t put the ...

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The Other Side of the Sandwich Generation: Seniors as Caregivers

There’s lots of talk about the sandwich generation, the (mostly) boomers and middle-aged adults who are caring for their aging parent(s), children, and grandchildren all at once. It’s a hot topic, life as a sandwich generation-er, and ...

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Abusive Elders: Article Highlights Special Challenges for Caregivers

Sometimes staff and family members are caught off guard by a major change in behavior -- for the worst -- among older adults struggling with, even physically fighting against, their transition to assisted living, nursing homes, and other senior care ...

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How to Have a Smooth Senior Care Transition, Even With Siblings

As the only daughter, you have a great relationship with your Mom. Maybe you’re the son who lives nearby and have taken on the role as primary caregiver for Dad. Sometimes, the relationship between a parent and child is ...

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Travel Tips for Caregivers

If you’re the primary caregiver for a parent or older relative/friend, then you might be wondering if travel plans should be on hold indefinitely.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Caregiving is exhausting, even though you may ...

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