What Do a Senior Woodturner, Corset Maker and Drummer Have in Common?

There’s a new movement underfoot in the UK, with plans for a US outpost in the works. In this post, Senior Planet tells us all about The Amazings, a “reverse-model of your typical social service organization.” Instead of simply ...

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National Organization Releases List of Assisted Living Deficiencies

Today’s earlier post spoke to the 5 “must-knows” of assisted living, the essential facts consumers should understand before choosing a community for a loved one or themselves (read it here). A community’s ratings -- or record -- was among ...

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Organizations Helping Seniors Fulfill Lifetime Dreams

Imagine going to work and your day’s assignment includes accompanying a senior on a skydiving expedition. Or experiencing a zero gravity flight. Or bringing estranged family members together after years of separation, then delivering thousands of postcards from more ...

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What All Caregivers Should Have

In a crisis situation, digging through a desk or closet for a loved one’s vital information is the last thing you want to be doing.

This article on MyHealthBridge.com recommends a better way for caregivers: creating a face ...

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Support Groups Vital in All Senior Care Settings

Every caregiving situation is different, but no matter what the circumstances, support and encouragement from others in the same role can be of tremendous benefit to everyone involved.

Support groups come in a variety of forms. Some may be sponsored ...

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